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You search for common factors in the numerator and the denominator. Then you divide numerator and denominator by this common fraction.

For example, in the fraction 9/12, the common factor is 3. If you divide numerator and denominator (top and bottom) by 3, you get 3/4, which is an equivalent fraction.

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Q: How do you solve simplify fractions?
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Do you need to simplify when adding fractions?

You can either simplify then add or add then simplify your answer

How are common factors useful?

They are useful in reducing fractions and to simplify radicals. They are useful in reducing fractions and to simplify radicals.

Can you simplify before you divide fractions?


How do you simplify the number 13?

You can simplify fractions, sometimes, but you can never simplify whole numbers.

How do you solve fractions?

You cannot solve fractions. There may be sums or products containing fractions or equations that can be solved. But fractions themselves cannot.

Why do you need to simplify fraction?

because when we simplify fractions it will give you the correct answer and that is the rule.

How do you subtract whole numbers by fractions?

Simplify them.

Do you cross simplify in multiplying fractions?


Where do you use the GCF?

When you are reducing equivalent fractions.

When can you not simplify fractions?

you can not simplify fractions when one of the ( whole or part) numbers can not be divided by and thing like 11 over 17 could NOT be simplified

How do you know two fractions are equivalent?

you can simplify your answer and when you simplify it and they're the same it's equivalent

How do you solve -3x-52x?

you cant solve but you can simplify -55x

Why do you simplify fractions?

In math people simplify fractions because its easier to look at.

Are equivlant fractions proportinal?

Yes, because you can simplify the fractions then check the Cross products

How do you simplify improper fractions?

To simplify improper fractions you just have to simplify as you would with a regular fraction. Which is very easy, and if you dont know I will tell you how. How to Simplify Fractions: Divide the numerator and the denominator by a common factor. Example: 2/4=1/2 (2 is the common factor in both 4 and 2)

Do you ever have to simplify if you find the LCD when subtracting fractions?

No because in order to subtract or add fractions the denominator of the fractions must be the same and if they are not then the lowest common denominator of the fractions must be found. Having subtracted or added the fractions then it may be possible to simplify the result.

How do you simplify negative fractions?

Logistics say you cant

Simplify these fractions 42 49?


What can you do with fractions?

you can simplify them and do lots more for maths...

How do you simplify fractions such as 16 over 32?


Why do you use greatest common divisor?

To simplify fractions.

Do you always simplify fractions?

not always,only when you need to

How do you simplify fractions with proper and improper?

by cross multipling

What is -8.6666 in fractions?

It is -86666/10000 which you can simplify if required.

When we use hcf in real life?

When we simplify fractions.