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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you solve the equation 18 equals three parentheses 3X -6?
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How do you solve xyz equals 5 plus z?

You cannot solve one equation in three unknowns. You need three independent equations.

5x plus 3y plus z equals -29 solve this system of equation?

To solve an equation with three unknowns, x, y and z, you require 3 independent equations.

What equation equals three?

5 -8

How can you solve the equation y minus two point nine equals five point three?

Add 2.9 to both sides. y = 8.2

What operation must be done to both sides of the equation to solve p plus negative three and seven-ninths equals five-sixths?


What equation equals negative three?

5 -8

What is three times a number a equals 14.4?

To find a, all you have to do is solve 3 X a = 14.4 for a. To do that, simply divide both sides of the equation by 3, which gives you a = 4.8.

How to make an equation equaling six or three.?

An equation never equals a number, but its solution often does.-- An equation with a solution of six: [ 3x - 14 = 4 ]-- An equation with a solution of three: [ 14 - 10x = -16 ]-- An equation with both solutions: [ x2 - 9x + 20 = 2 ]An equation that equals 6 is 10 - 4 = 6An equation that equals 3 is 10 - 7 = 3

What are the three ways to write speed equation to find the time distance and speed?

The basic definition of speed is: speed = distance / time Solve this equation for distance, or solve it for time, to get two additional versions of the equation.

Solve the equation 4x plus 8y plus 12z equals 44?

Solving equations in three unknowns (x, y and z) requires three independent equations. Since you have only one equation there is no solution. The equation can be simplified (slightly) by dividing through by 4 to give: x + 2y + 3z = 11

How do you solve six plus the product of four more than a number and three?

6 + (4 + n)*3 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved since there is no equals sign in it.

What are the three solutions for 4x-2y equals 8?

It is not appropriate to talk about "the" three solutions for this equations; the equation describes a straight line, and has an infinite number of solutions. Solve the equation for "y", substitute any value for "x", and calculate the corresponding value for "y", to get one opf these solutions.

How do you solve 9x plus 18y-12z equals 36?

There are three variables in the equation. In order to find numbers for all of them,you need three separate independent equations.As it is now, the graph of that equation is a line in 3-dimensional space, andevery point on the line is a 'solution' to the equation. We don't have to tell youhow many points there are on a line, do we ?

What is s three step equation that equals 17?


WHAT IS O plus S equals R?

A linear equation in three variable.

How do you solve diophantine equation using python?

To solve a diophantin equation using python, you have to put it into algebraic form. Then you find out if A and B have a common factor. If they have a common factor, then you simplify the equation. You then build a three row table and build the table.

How do you find 3 different ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation?

Select any three values of x in the domain of the equation. Solve the equation at these three points for the other variable, y. Then each (x, y) will be an ordered pair that is a solution of the equation.

What is 16a plus 4b equals C squared?

It is an equation in three unknown variables.

What is an example of a word equation?

Three times twenty five equals seventy five.

What is 6 minus m equals 2 and three tenths?

An equation where m = 3.7

-w plus 2x plus 4y equals?

You need three independent equations to solve for three unknown variables.

HOW CAN YOU Write as an algebraic equation and solve: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

SRY THE Q IS HOW CAN YOU WRITE AND SOLVE: Twenty four is three less than one-third of a number.?

Is 3x equals 9 an equation?

Yes. 3X = 9 ( equation means set as an equality ) In words; three times the variable X is equal to nine. To solve just divide both sides by 3. 3X = 9 X = 3 So, you are saying; 3(3) = 9 and this is proof in the mathematical sense of the statement/equation.

Solve The Equation for negative three over ten x equals negative nine?

-3/10x = -9Multiply each side by 10x:-3 = -90xDivide each side by -90:x = -3/-90 = 1/30

How do you solve for m plus n equals 1000 and 0.05 plus 0.06n equals 57?

In your question you have two equations. They are... m + n = 1000 Equation (1) 0.05 + 0.06n = 57 Equation (2) It is a rule of thumb that if you have two equations and two unknowns (the unknowns in this case are "m" and "n") you can solve for them. Also remember if you have three euqations and three unknowns you can solve for them.. four euqations four unknowns... etc.. Ok first take the 2nd equation and solve for "n" 0.05 + 0.06n = 57 0.06n = 56.95 n= 949 and 1/6 Now that you have "n" you can put it into the 1st euqation and solve for "m" m + (5695/6) = 1000 m = 50 and 5/6 Therefore you answers are... n=949.16666 or 949 1/6 or 5695/6 m=50.83333 or 50 5/6 or 305/6