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An equation never equals a number, but its solution often does.

-- An equation with a solution of six: [ 3x - 14 = 4 ]

-- An equation with a solution of three: [ 14 - 10x = -16 ]

-- An equation with both solutions: [ x2 - 9x + 20 = 2 ]

An equation that equals 6 is 10 - 4 = 6

An equation that equals 3 is 10 - 7 = 3

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Q: How to make an equation equaling six or three.?
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What is seventy three divided by six?

12.16 This is a very simple math equation.

What is 3 plus 6-?

The answer to the equation three plus six is equal to nine.

What is 23X2?

Twenty-three times two equals forty-six. It's a multiplication equation.

What is 23 x 2-?

Twenty-three times two equals forty-six. It's a multiplication equation.

How do you smiplfy fractions?

You reduce them. That means make them smaller. So if you had the fraction 3/6, three could go into six two times and three can go into three one time. So you make the three a one and make the six a three. Get it now? I hope so.

How would you write this as an algebraic equation the quotient of a number with three is six less than twice the number?


What is the equation for the sum of six and seven?

The expression (not equation) is 6 + 7

Equation for the sum of six and seven?

The sum of six and seven is expressed as six plus seven. The full equation would be six plus seven equals thirteen.

How many hundreds make three thousand six hundred?


Fractions how many eights make up three quarters?


What is the difference between positive three and positive six?

First of all six is greater than three. Six is three more than three and three is three less than six. Six is positive and three is negative. Three is prime (i think) and six isn't.

What does the word equation for cellular respiration is?

The word equation for the overall equation of aerobic cellular respiration is one molecule of glucose plus six molecules of oxygen produces six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water.

How do you make six multiplied by six subtract one and divide by three equal ten?

buy a calculator stupid!

How can you use six ones and three plus signs to form an equation to equal twenty four?

11+11+1+1= 24

Why 3 multiple of 6?

Three is not a multiple of six. Six is a multiple of three. And three is a factor of six.

What would you liked to add to nine to make it six?

the answe is not negative three

What do you have to do to make it six twenty three on Howrse?

You can't change the time on Howrse.

How do you write 6.3 in word form?

six and three tenths, or six point three

What is six minus three and three fourths?

six minus (three and three fourths) = 2.25

Which is larger three to the power of six or six to the power of three?

three to the power of six is larger than six to the power of three because three to the power of six is seven-hundred-twenty-nine and 6 to the power of three is two-hundred-sixteen.

How many real roots do we have if the polynomial equation is in degree six?

Such an equation has a total of six roots; the number of real roots must needs be even. Thus, depending on the specific equation, the number of real roots may be zero, two, four, or six.

If three eight greater than three six?

three six is greater than three eight

How many halves are there in half of six?

half of six is three -so there are six halves in three.

What is three plus six?

Three plus six equals nine.

How do you write six and three tenths?

Six and three tenths = 6.3