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Q: How do you solve the vtp proxy problem?
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What are the VTP modes?

VTP server mode and VTP transparent mode.

What will happen if VTP server is accidentally configured as VTP client?

The VTP domain cannot be modified.

What is a VTP cable?

VTP is Vertical Trading Point

What precaution must you take when redeploying a switch to a new VTP domain in the network?

You must first delete all of its configuration. Higher revision number, for example, on a switch can result in a disaster when re-deployed in a VTP network. However, if all of the switch on the VTP network is set to transparent mode, there should be no problem.

What do you need to do to setup a VTP domain?

BY using the VTP domain on cisco switch to pass the VLan informetion and any changes that will be happen in vtp server the client switch will get the same informetion from its VTp server switch..

Which two conditions would require a VTP client to send a request advertisement to a VTP server?

The switch has been reset. The VTP domain name has been changed.

The goal of applied science is?

It is to use science for a practical job or to solve a problem.

Which vtp mode processes vtp messages and saves vlan information in nvram?

server mode Answer by: sean_zhank

How are vtp messages sent between switches in a domain?

Layer 2 multicast. vtp is stopped at the router.

N which mode is a VTP switch operating if it has been configured to only forward VTP advertisements?


Which two statements describe VTP transparent mode operation?

A switch running in VTP Transparent mode will not participate in VLAN synchronization. With VTP version 2, it will forward VLAN traffic out its trunk interfaces.

What is the difference between solving a problem and analyzing a problem?

When you analyze a problem you look it over which is what analyzing means. You look over the problem and then you solve it. When you solve a problem you solve it and you use certain steps and solve it but of course everyone has there ways to solve a problem but some people have ways to solve it by just analysing it. That is the difference.