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Y equals 1 and X equals 1

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Q: How do you solve x plus y equals 2?
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Solve for x 6x plus 2 equals 14?

The answer is x = 2.

Solve 3x plus 4y equals 11 and x plus 3y equals 2?

x = 5, y = -1

How do you solve x-3 plus 7 equals 2?


How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8?

How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8

Solve x squared plus 6 equals 5x?


How do you solve X plus 1.4 equals 2?

To solve x + 1.4 = 2, subtract 1.4 from each side; x = 0.6

7x plus 2 equals 5.6 solve x?

7x + 2 = 5,6

Solve x squared plus 2x - 13 equals 2?

(x - 3)(x + 5)

If 2 plus 2 equals x and x2 equals y and y-x equals a and a plus y equals b what is b?

in order to solve this problem you have to solve for x first wich you are given the data to pre forme so x=4 and x.2=8 and 8=y and y-4=4=a=x so a+8=12 and 12=b

Solve for x P equals 2x plus 2w?

x = (P - 2W) / 2

How do you solve x squared minus ten x plus sixteen equals zero?

Factor it. (x - 8)(x - 2) x = 2, 8

Solve this equation -3 equals x plus 2?

Subtract two from both sides and you are left with X equals -5

How do you solve x plus 3y equals 2?

x+3y=2 x= -5 y = 1

X squared plus 6x plus 8 equals 0?

x2 + 6x + 8 = 0 Solve for x.X = -2 or X = -4

Solve 8 minus 5 phrases 2 plus x phrases equals 2phrases x plus 1 a phrases?


How do you solve y plus x divided by 2 equals negative 4 when x is 2?

First, solve for y.y=-8xif x=2, then y=-16.

X plus y plus z equals 9 and x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 and x plus 5y-3Z equals -7 solve for x and y and z?

Can you help with this equation? Thanks. Solve for x and y and z for the following. x plus y plus z equals 9 x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 x plus 5y plus -3z equals -7

How do you solve X plus 1 plus 2X equals 1X plus 5?

If: x+1+2x = 1x+5 Then: x = 2

What is the answer to x plus y equals 1 and 2x-y equals -2?

Are you sure the directions don't have "solve the equation as x=___ and y=___"

When you solve for x what is x plus 13 equals 22?

X +13 equals 22, X equals nine

How do you solve x plus 9y equals 9?

To solve for 2 unknown variables you need 2 independent equations. You have only 1.

How do you solve x plus 2 equals -4x plus 7?

Add 4x - 2 to each side: 5x = 5 x = 1

How do you solve for x when a plus x equals b?


How do you solve 6x-2 equals x plus 13?


W plus x equals 2y plus z for x?

you can not solve this equation