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You cannot solve it since only one side of an equation is given. If the equation was y4 + 5y2 - 84 = 0 then y4 + 12y2 - 7y2 - 84 = 0 or y2*(y2 + 12) - 7*(y2 + 12) = 0 or (y2 - 7)*(y2 + 12) = 0 then y2 = 7 or y2 = - 12 y = +or- sqrt(7) and, if you are in the complex domain, also y = +or- i*sqrt(12) where i is the imaginary square root of -1.

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Q: How do you solve y4-84 plus 5y2?
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That is the most simplifiable version of this equation.

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Without any equality signs the given terms can't be considered as simultaneous equations and so therefore no solutions are possible.

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it's MINUS 182.5

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x isn't in the calculation so it cant be solved.

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(3x - y)(3x - 5y) and (2x + 1)(2x + 11)

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15y2 + 45y - 9 = 4y - 5y2; thus, 20y2 + 41y - 9 = (5y - 1)(4y + 9) = 0. Therefore, the solution to the equation given is, y = 1/5 or -2¼.

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The GCF is 5y.20y3 = (5y)(4y2)5y2 = (5y)(y)45y = (5y)(9)

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How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8

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x2 + 8xy + 15y2 = (x + 3y) (x + 5y)

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Not enough information to solve

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(5y + 3)(y - 1)

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x5y2 - 2 = 0 ... makes sense

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You cannot solve x plus y since that is an expression, not an equation (nor inequality).

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If: a = b+c+d Then: c = a-b-d

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