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Subtracting negative numbers is exactly the same as adding the positive number.

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Q: How do you substract negative numbers?
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When you substract 2 numbers its called?

The difference.

2 numbers that substract to 6 and multiply to 55?

-5 and × 11

What are the positive and negative functions of the state?

the posive functions are the things the state does for the benefit of the citizens.the negative functions are the things that do not add or substract from the life of the citizens.

What two things must you know to measure work?

How to add, substract, read numbers, and see.

How does minus minus equal plus?

When you are doing maths, you must see the equations as numbers.So 5-1 consists from the numbers +5 and -1. So 5-1=-1+5however if you substract with a negative number you actually substract With -1So 5--1, becomes 5+1.See it as I have a bucket of -ses and +ses. When I removeone - the sum of +ses is greater than the sum of the -ses

What number can you multiply by 4 substract by 5 and the answer was 10?

3.75 and the word is subtract, not substract.

What is the sign of the product of a three negative numbers?

The product. Of three negative numbers is negative I hope you can get 100 in your homework

What type of numbers is the sum of two negative numbers?

They will be negative numbers as for example -5+(-7) = -12

Is a negative a whole numbers?

No. Whole numbers are counting numbers and zero.

What is the sign of product of three negative numbers?

The product of three negative numbers is negative.

Where do you see negative numbers?

Where do we see negative numbers

What set does a negative fraction belong to?

It belongs to the set of negative rational numbers, negative real numbers, fractionall numbers, rational numbers, real numbers.