Where do you see negative numbers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Where do we see negative numbers

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Q: Where do you see negative numbers?
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Are negative numbers bigger than positive numbers?

no negative numbers are always smaller than positive numbers..... you can draw out a numberline and see any number to the left of the number zero is negative and to the right is positive

Why is a negative number less than a positive number?

A negative number is defined as a number that is less than zero. Positive numbers, on the other hand, are more than zero. You can see that positive numbers are greater than negative numbers because they are all above zero, which negative numbers are not.

What are things you use negative numbers for?

There are lots of things people use negative numbers for. You use negative numbers when you see temperature and sea levels. In stock markets and in banks negative numbers are used. Go look in the freezer, negative numbers there. Play golf? Football? Football field there is negative numbers. Also when you borrow money, you have $0, then you want to buy ice cream, which is $1. So you borrow your friend's money. Now you don't have $0, you have $-0. I wish my explanation helped^^!

What is the sign of the product of a three negative numbers?

The product. Of three negative numbers is negative I hope you can get 100 in your homework

What type of numbers is the sum of two negative numbers?

They will be negative numbers as for example -5+(-7) = -12

Is a negative a whole numbers?

No. Whole numbers are counting numbers and zero.

What is the sign of product of three negative numbers?

The product of three negative numbers is negative.

What set does a negative fraction belong to?

It belongs to the set of negative rational numbers, negative real numbers, fractionall numbers, rational numbers, real numbers.

Are all negative numbers are rational?

No, not all negative numbers are rational. There are many negative numbers that are irrational, just like the positive numbers.

Can rational numbers not be negative?

Rational numbers can be negative or positive.

What do you know about negative numbers?

What do I know about negative numbers? A lot.

Why do we have negative numbers?

We have negative numbers, because if there were no negative numbers, people wouldn't lose profit, they would always gain.