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Subtracting a negative is the same as subtracting the corresponding positive, e.g. 5 - (-2) = 5 + 2.

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Q: How do you subtract a nagative from a positive?
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What is negative divide by positive?

a nagative

What does a negative divided by a nagative equal?

A positive

What are the negative and positive effect of Nigeria policy?

what are the nagative and positive of Nigeria policy

Which blood type is universal o-positive or o-nagative?

O positive

Is saccharomyces cerevisiae gram positive or nagative?

Gram Negative

What do you get when you muliply a nagitive and a positive?

nagative its spelled negative

Can a prime number be nagative?

Not normally because the prime factors of numbers are usually positive.

What are nagative integer?

integer is a negative or positive number ex: (-7) +2=-5

How do you find the product of two numbers when one is positive and one is nagative?

Multiply them. The answer will be negative.

How do you subtract a positive number from a positive number?

to subtract a positive integer :move LEFT. The answer will get smaller

What is nagative x axis?

It is part of the negative and positive horizontal x axis on the Cartesian plane

Subtract Integer- what does positive 4 subtract positive 7 equal?


How do you install car battery?

Connect the terminal to the body of the car first, i.e. the nagative terminal, then connect the positive terminal.

When adding a positive number to a negative number why do you always get a positive number?

-5+-3 = -8 ++ Add -- Add +- Subtract -+ Subtract

What do you do when subtracting a positive and a negative?

If you subtract a negative from a positive, add both of their absolute values. If you subtract a positive from a negative, add both of their absolute values and multiply by negative one.

What is your positive and negative?

positive is to add and negative is to subtract in math

How do you subtract a positive number froma positive number?

With a calculator.

What is a negative subtracted by a positive?

If you subtract a positive from a negative, you will get a negative.

Do you subtract when its a negative plus a positive?

No, you add the positive to the negative.

Can proportion be nagative value?

No. A proportion is the relationship of one part of something to the whole thing. If X is a fifth of Y, this must be a positive value.

How can liberty be preserved?

liberty can be preserved by maintaining the positive and nagative liberty. as the world now has became very rudicolous because of the increase in price

What is the answer if you subtract positive twentyseven from negative sixtynine?

If you subtract positive twenty-seven from negative sixty-nine, you would get negative forty-two. You simply subtract the 27 from the 69 but leave the negative sign.

When you subtract a positive integer from a positive integer do you get a positive integer?

Not necessarily, for example: If you subtract 3 from 4, then you get +1. But if you subtract 4 from 3, you get -1. The answer will always be an integer, but you cannot make a general statement about the sign, without knowing more information.

What is the sum of a negative integer from a positive integer?

subtract the negative from the positive

When you subtract a negative integer from a positive integer do you get a positive integer?