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Since the magnitude of the given number is less than 1 it cannot be expressed as a mixed number. It already appears as a decimal number in the question. I suggest that you read your questions before posting them!

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Q: How do you turn 0.35 as a mixed number or a decimal?
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What is 0.035 as a fraction or a mixed number?

.035 as a fraction is 7/200.

What is 35 thousandths written as a decimal?


What is 35 percent as a mixed number?

35 percent is less than 1 so the only way to express it as a mixed number is to write it as 035/100 = 07/20

What is 3.5 percent as a decimal?

3.5 as a decimal would be .035 because you would have to move the decimal two times to the left which would give you your answer (.035) but if u wanted .o35 as a percent you would move the decimal two times to the right and get 3.5%

What is thirty five thousandths in decimal form?


What is the approximate number of grams of milk fat in a 200-gram serving of fat milk which is 3.5 percent?

First of all, you need to change the 3.5% to a decimal which is .035. Then you need to multiply .035 by 200 and you will get 7. So the answer for this math homework is 7.

How do you write percents as decimals if they already have a decimal?

You still move the decimal point two places left. 3.5%= .035 thx=)

Is 035 the same as .035?

No because 035 or 35 is greater than .035 or 0.035

How many hundredths is .035?

0.035 is 3.5 hundredths. Multiply the decimal by 100 to figure out how many hundredths the number is. 0.035*100=3.5 As a fraction this is 3 1/2 and as a percentage this is 3.5%.

What is 3.50 percent?

3.5 percent= .035 as a decimal and is 3 and 1/2 percent. If you mean what is 3.5 AS A percent, then it is 350%.

How do you multiply a decimal by a whole number?

This is my way of doing it:The first step is, you basically multiply like normal vertically. So for example, say you want to multiply 632 x .035 :632x .035---------3160+18960---------22120After you have done that, you simply count haw many numbers there are after each decimal point. In this case there is only one decimal point with 3 numbers after it. Let me first say that when you have a whole number, there will ALWAYS be an invisible decimal point at the end of the last number. With that in mind, you now know that there is an invisible decimal point at the end of 22120 which was the partial answer to the multiplication problem above. So now you add the decimal point and the zero to then end of your number(it's ok to have a zero at the end because that indicates nothing, you don't have to, but the point is necessary):22120.0 When you have this done, you will move the decimal point to the left however many spaces that equals how many numbers you had after the decimal point in total from the original numbers. So, above we said that there was three numbers after the decimal point in the number 0.035, so now you move the decimal point three spaces to the left in your multiplication answer:22120.0 ------> 22.1200 From here you can get rid of all the zeros after the decimal point, for they are not necessary in this step:22.12 That's the answer, and that is how you multiply a whole number x a decimal number.Hope I helped

What is 044 minus .035?

044 - .035 = 43.965You may have meant:.044 - .035 = .009

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