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Put it over 1.

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Q: How do you turn 2.7 into fraction?
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Related questions

How do you turn -2.7 into a fraction?

-2.7 = -27/10

How do you turn 0.27 as a fraction?

0.27 = 27/100

How do you turn 0.135 repeated as a fraction?


How o you turn 0.135 as a fraction?

0.135 is 135/1000 as a fraction or 27/200 in its simplest form

How do you turn 9 27 as a fraction?

9/27 reduces or "turns" to 1/3 in its reduced form.

What is 27 as fraction?

As an improper fraction 27 is 27/1.

What is 0.954 as a Fraction?

The fraction is 954/100. This Fraction is a Improper Fraction. So you must turn it into a mixed number. The mixed Number is 9 and 54/100. If you Simplify the answer should be 9 and 27/50.

What is the fraction 27 over 40 as a fraction?


What is the fraction of 27?

It is simply 27/1 as an improper fraction

How do you write .27 as a fraction?

It is: 0.27 = 27/100 as a fraction

What is 27 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

27%(percentage) = 0.27 (decimal) = 27/100 (fraction)

What is the fraction of 54 and 27?

54/27 = 2, which is an integer, not a fraction.

How do turn 0.625 into a fraction?

How to turn 0.625 into a fraction

How do you turn 10 into a fraction?

how do you turn 10% into a fraction

What is the answer for to turn 2.04 into a fraction?

turn 2.04 into a fraction

How do you turn 32.50 into a fraction?

How do you turn 32.50% into a fraction?

How do you turn into a fraction?

The answer depends on what you want to turn into a fraction. And, incidentally, I do not turn into a fraction.

What is 27 over 10 as a fraction?

27 over 10 = 27/10 in fraction

What 27 percent as simplest form fraction?

27 percent as simplest form fraction is 27/100

What is .037 as a fraction?

a fraction of 27

What fraction equals to 27 percent?

27/100 is the smallest whole fraction.

What is the mixed fraction of 24 over 27?

24/27 is a proper fraction.

How can you turn a remainder to a fraction?

you can't turn a reminder in to a fraction

What is 27 as a reduced fraction?

27 as a reduced fraction = 27/1

What is 27 percent in a fraction in simplest form?

27 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 27/100

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