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A negative powers is defined as the reciprocal of the corresponding positive power. For example, 10-3 is the same a 1 / 103.

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Q: How do you turn algebra with negative powers into fractions?
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What are the steps to solving the problem one and two thirds minus negative two and one half?

first you turn the fractions into improper fractions and get 4/3 - -5/2 then the minus and negative turn into + so you then have 4/3+5/2 then you do common denominators and get 8/6 + 15/6 and get 23/6 and then turn that proper and get 3 5/6.

How do your turn rations into fractions?

you turn the " : " into "/"

When you add two negatives what is the answer?

A negative ex. -4+(-4)=-8 The addition symbol between actually can turn into a subtraction symbol through very simple algebra because a positive times a negative is always a negative. So: -4-4=-8 is the same.

How do you turn decimals into fraction?

how to turn fractions into decimals

How do you turn an improper fraction into a normal fraction?

Improper fractions can't become proper fractions.

How do you turn improper fractions to proper fractions?

you cant turn improper fractions into fractions but you can turn fractions into mixed numbers. to do this you see how many times the denominator goes into the numerator. for example: if your improper fraction is 7/5, 5 goes into 7 one time but there is two left over. you just put that two on top of your denominator and it turns out 1 and 2/5.

Can you turn fractions to whole numbers?


When you add fractions does it turn out to be improper?


How do you turn decimals into ratios?

Convert them to fractions.

Why do you have to turn unlike fractions into like fractions to add or subtract?

because its just one of the rules of math :)

How do you get the steam battery workin on poptropica steamworks?

the very first number is negative. turn that one to the negative underneath it. then turn that on to a negative 2. finally turn that one to the positive 2 then turn

What is the answer to Punchline Algebra 13.11?

he didnt see the ewe turn

What fractions of a complete turn does the minute hand turn between 230 AM and 245 AM?

A quarter.

How do you turn fractions in to decimals?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

how to turn fractions into decimal?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

How do you times mixed numbers?

turn them into improper fractions

Why can there be extraneous solutions in a logartithmic equation?

Extraneous solutions turn up in a few different p;aces in algebra. One reason they turn up in logarithmic equations is that you can only have a log of a positive number, but when you solve the equation, one of the answers is negative. Did you ever do a word problem about a rectangle and have to solve a quadratic equation? You probably got 2 answers, and had to reject one of them because the length of a rectangle can't be negative. Same idea: the algebra doesn't understand what the problem is about, it just churns out answers!

Can you turn a negative fraction into a negative decimal?


How do you turn degrees into fractions?

With regard to geometry, divide by 360.

How do you turn improper fractions into decimals?

Divide the numerator by the denominator

How do you subtract a mixed number by a mixed number?

To subtract a mixed number by a mixed number you first need to turn the fractions into improper fractions then you just subtract them as you would with the normal fractions

How do you put fractions and decimals in order from least to greaest?

either turn all ur numbers to fractions or decimals, then put it in order

If a positive is divided by a negative what does it equal?

It will turn into A negative number.

What were Minerva's powers?

She can turn into a cat =]

How do you multiply fractions with whole number?

you can turn a whole number into a fraction by simply putting it over one like this 3/1 = 3 after you turn the whole number its just multiplying two fractions