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If you know the length ft.(linear) and you wish to know its area (sq. footage), you must also know the width. Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) equals area or sq. feet. Linear in this case refers to length.

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Q: How do you turn linear footage into square footage?
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How to calculate linear square footage?

You cannot have linear square footage because: "linear" means the measurement is 1-dimensional. "square" means the measurement is 2-dimensional. The above two statements are mutually contradictory!

If you have 90 square yards of carpet how many linear feet will that cover?

You can't calculate linear footage based on square yardage alone. If you meant square footage it will cover 810 sq. ft..

What is the linear footage of a 3' X 6 ' door?

I think (hope) you mean square, not linear. Answer is 18 ft2

How do you convert square footage to linear footage?

Divide the square footage by the width in feet. Example: 20 sq. ft roll of material is made up of 10 linear feet by 2 feet in width. 20 square feet divided by 2 feet wide equals 10 linear feet and 2 feet wide. For linear feet ask yourself how long is it. 100 sq. ft. 1 foot wide would be 100 linear feet long.

Are labor costs for building a fence based on linear square footage?

A 8' fence will have a higher cost per foot than a 6' will. Most quotes will be based on linear footage + gates and extras.

How to Convert linear footage to square footage?

Since you know the length you know the linear footage. Next: measure the width and multiply the width by the length, this will give you the area or sq. footage. Length x width. For example: a room 8 ft. long x 10 ft. wide would be 64 square feet. The length is important because your carpet at the big box store is 10 feet wide and you only need 8 linear feet. In this case the square footage is: 8 ft. x 10 ft. = 80 sq. feet.

What is a linear footage?

Linear footage is a measurement used to determine the length of a straight line. It is commonly used in construction, real estate, and other industries to measure distances, such as how many feet of a certain material is needed for a project.

How do you convert linear footage to board footage?

Linear footage is a one dimensional measurment. Board footage is volume. one board foot is 1 inch thick by 12 inches square. 1" x 12" x 12" = 144 cubic inches of wood or one board foot.

If a home is 2000 square feet how many linear feet is the perimeter of the home?

There's no way to calculate that just from square footage.

How do you determine square footage from linear footage?

Determine length (linear) and how wide is it. Multiply the length times the width and this will give you the total area or square footage. Here is another example: A product is sold by the 20 foot long (linear feet) roll. The specifications state that the product is 2 foot wide x 20 feet long. It is in fact 20 ft. x 2 ft. wide or 40 square feet per roll.

What is 30 linear feet in square footage?

Without a second measurement of width, there is no way of knowing. Linear is length and square foot is area. You have to know length and width to figure it. 30 linear feet 1 foot wide would be 30 square feet.

What is the linear feet of 80x72?

The question really can't be answered. Linear is simply length. The square footage is 5,760 which would be the same as the linear if you were using a 1 ft. wide strip.