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Q: How do you turn the rounding off on a canon P170-DH?
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What is 9.856 rounded off to?

It depends what you're rounding off to. If you're rounding off to the hundredths, you get 9.86 If you're rounding off to the tenths, you get 9.9 If you're rounding to the whole number, you get 10

What is the rounding off of 2.745?

It depends on the level to which you are rounding off.

What are the steps in rounding off numbers?

steps rounding off number

What is the difference between rounding up and rounding off?

There is no difference between rounding up and rounding off. The only thing is that when you round off you drop some numbers.Like in 74,329 the 10,000 would be 70,000.

User guide for canon laser 1060P fax machine?

how do i turn off the automatic TX report

What is better rounding off to nearest ten or rounding off to nearest hundred?

In whole numbers, rounding to the nearest ten is better. And in decimals, rounding to the nearest hundreth is more accurate.

What is the answer for 16 when rounding off when the 1 is underline?

The answer for what is 16 when rounding off when the one is underlined is 20.

Is estimating the same as rounding off and why?

No, it is not. Estimating may be rounding but need not be.

How do you turn off a canon t70?

i had the same problem too :(.i couldn't figure it out so what i did,is when i was done with it i turned the battarie around so it turned off

What is 17.15 rounded off?

It depends on which place you are rounding to. If you are rounding to the tenths place, 17.15 rounds off to 17. If you are rounding to the hundredths place, 17.15 becomes 17.2.

What is the difference between rounding-off to the nearest whole number and rounding-off to the nearest ones?

Im not sure actually. But rounding to the nearest number means its easier probably.

Why is rounding off numbers important?

Rounding off is a important part of mathematics and a very handy tool for everyday life.