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use a prime grid it might help

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Q: How do you use a tree in maths for prime numbers?
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How do you show work for finding prime numbers?

Use a factor tree.

How do you get prime numbers for 18?

Use a factor tree. 18 9,2 3,3,2

What is the name of the equation that you use on the prime numbers left over after a factor tree?

The prime factorization of the number at the top

How to get the factor of 98 in prime numbers?

Use a factor tree. 98 49,2 7,7,2

How do you use a factor tree for the number 20 with all prime numbers?

20 10,2 5,2,2

How do you factor out the GCF?

All you do is a factor tree and use the prime numbers that nopth numbers have and multiply..... 94 x 76....... Kimi03

Why do you use the number zero?

To show if there is something or isnt something. example- "there is one apple on this tree, but zero apples on that tree" also in numbers like one hundred (100). We zero to make other numbers that we use and need for maths and living.

How to find prime factorization?

use factor tree example 24^12 2 SO ANSWER IS Prime numbers are 3,2,2,22 is prime ^6 22 is also prime ^3 2

How do you break this down to prime numbers 450?

Use a factor tree. 450 225,2 75,3,2 25,3,3,2 5,5,3,3,2

How do you use a factor tree to find the greatest common factor using the numbers 29 and 87?

29 is already prime. No tree. 87 3,29 Since there are no common prime factors, the GCF is 1.

What sort of maths use symbols instead of numbers?


Where can you use prime numbers?

In every math problem you can ever do you can use prime numbers. 1+3 Both prime numbers. Most numbers are not prime but prime numbers only become a broblem when you try to factor them like in simple algebra.

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