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Perpendicular lines may form a "tee" or a "cross"

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Q: How do you use the word perpendicular lines in a sentence?
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How would you use the word perpendicular in a sentence?

this situation is very perpendicular

How do you use the word perpendicular in a sentnce?

The hexagon haded 6 perpendicular lines.

How di you use the word perpendicular in a sentence?

The perpendicular line should be at ninety degrees in order to make a right triangle.

What symbol do you use to show that two lines are perpendicular?

You would use this: ┴

How do you use slope to determine a potato?

If two lines are perpendicular to eachother, they have right angles. The format for perpendicular lines is: x is perpendicular to -1/x. This is called the opposite reciprocal.

How can you use the word squelch in a sentence?

during black friday, the lines to get into the store squelched me.

How would you use perpend in a sentence?

There is no English word "perpend." There is a mathematics word "perpendicular," which means at a right angle, but you may be referring to some other word that you did not spell correctly.

How do you use the word 'paragon' in a sentence?

Dior became a paragon of fashion by using the simplest of lines.

Use the word space in a sentence?

Jensen doodled in the white space between the lines in his textbook

How do you use the word wavy in a sentence?

The wind's movement of the wavy lines in the sand were fascinating to watch.

Why do you need parallel lines and perpendicular lines in your lives?

Construction, engineering, drawing, and architecture all use parallel and perpendicular lines. Other than that, it is an important topic because you are learning how to apply the language and tools of mathematics to an intuitive system. These topics have proven important in the history of human kind and also many before you have shown that by learning about parallel and perpendicular lines, one learns how to use math and logic. It is doubtful that you can make a living off of parallel and perpendicular lines, but if you can't understand parallel and perpendicular lines, then I worry about your future.

How do you use slope to determine if two lines are perpendicular?

You have to know the slopes of both lines. -- Take the two slopes. -- The lines are perpendicular if (one slope) = -1/(the other slope), or the product of the slopes equals to -1.

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