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you ADD all the #s

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Q: How do you work out a hexagon add-on-agons using negative numbers?
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How you can use negative numbers around the house?

by using the thermostat

How many square roots do negative numbers have?

Negative numbers do not have "real number" square roots.However, they will have two roots (when using imaginary numbers) as do other numbers, where a root including i(square root of -1) is positive or negative.

How can there be a square root of a negative number?

Square roots of negative numbers are what are called imaginary numbers. The building block of imaginary numbers is the symbol i which is defined as the square root of negative 1. The square root of other negative numbers can be expressed using i. For example, the square root of negative sixteen is 4i, the square root of negative nine is 3i and so on.

When do you know when to put a negative or positive when adding numbers?

It depends on what numbers you are using so thats the first question.

Can a triangle and a trapezoid make a hexagon?

How can a you make a hexagon using a trapozid and 2 triangles

How do you add two negative numbers?

When you add two negative numbers you would end up with a negative; -4 + -5= -9It helps using a number line, coins, and other objects!

How do you add negative integers without using the number line?

if they are both negative, add like they are positive numbers, but just add the negative sign.

What two numbers when using one negative number when multiplied together equal 405?

Since 405 is positive, using one negative number forces one to actually use two negative numbers. The pair -1x-405 would work for instance.

3x3 magic square using positive and negative numbers?

123 123 123

Can you use negative numbers in algebra?

Unless you are restricted to a field or range using only nonnegative numbers, yes, you can use them.

What an equation that equals 18 using negative and positive numbers only once?

36 - 18

How do you make a hexagon using 4 shapes?

use 4 triangles, make 2 trapezoids then put them into a hexagon

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