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Negative numbers do not have "real number" square roots.

However, they will have two roots (when using imaginary numbers) as do other numbers, where a root including i(square root of -1) is positive or negative.

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Q: How many square roots do negative numbers have?
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How many square roots dose a negative number have?

no,a negative number cannot have a square root .it is made only for positive numbers .but,yes,negative numbers can be squared.

Can you square root negative numbers?

No,because how many times do you have to multiply negative 1 by to get negative 1? You can't do that. Negative numbers don't have square roots. The operation's undefined. Yes, actually you can.

How many square roots can a positive number have?

Every positive number has two square roots, though the roots are not always whole numbers (or even rational numbers). The more obvious of each numbers roots is the positive one.The positive square root of 4 is 2, because 2*2=4.The positive square root of 5 is roughly 2.236068.The other square root of a number is the negative inverse of their positive root. This is because when two negative numbers are multiplied together the negative signs "cancel out", leaving a positive number.The negative square root of 4 is -2, because -2*-2=4.The negative square root of 5 is roughly -2.236068.Zero has only one square root, itself, and no negative number has any (real number) square roots, since no number multiplied by itself will result in a negative.

How many square roots does every number have?

All positive numbers have two. 0 has only one. Negative numbers have two imaginary roots but no real ones.

What is the nonnegative square root?

Every positive real number has two square roots: one negative and one positive. As a result, the square root mapping is one-to-many and so is not a mathematical function. One way to make it a function is to restrict the range to non-negative real numbers. These are the non-negative square roots.

How many square roots does a negative Number have?

This depends on whether you include imaginary numbers. The imaginary unit i is defined such that i² = -1. So the square root of -1 will be either i or -i. So the answer is there are 2 square roots for any number. Now if you are at a level of mathematics, which does not yet consider i, then the answer is you cannot take the square root of a negative.

How many square roots does 7 have?

Every number has two square roots. They're the same size, but one is positive and the other is negative.

Which subset does the square root of 13 belong in?

It belongs to many many subsets including: {sqrt(13)}, The set of square roots of integers The set of square roots of primes The set of square roots of numbers between 12 and 27 {3, -9, sqrt(13)} The set of irrational numbers The set of real numbers

How many square roots does the number 20 have?

Two, a positive and a negative.

How many square roots dose a positive number have?

The square root of positive number can be ether a matched set of positive or negative numbers. As an example the square root of 4 can be either (-2 x -2) or (+2 x +2)

How many square roots does 0 have?

The square root of 0 is 0. Since 0 has no positive or negative equivalent, this is its only square root.

The polynomial 4x2 plus 5x plus 4 has how many roots?

None, it involves the square root of a negative number so the roots are imaginary.