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What kind of tiles? For the floor or walls also? Simplest example. 12x12 floor tiles. 10x12 room. One length times one width. 10x12=120 12x20 room, 240 tiles. 6x6 tiles there are 4 tiles in each square foot of floor space 10x12x4=480 Whatever you are doing, one length times one width gives you the square footage. Then figure how much each tile covers and multiply.

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2010-01-11 06:15:10
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Q: How do you work out how many tiles you need to tile a room?
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How many 12x12 tiles do you need for a 11'X11' room?

You would need 111 tile, but with waste you will want to get 125 tile.

A builder needs to tile a 7 foot by 8 foot room with one-foot square tiles. How many tiles will she need?

You would need 56 tiles to do the floor

How many 12 x 12 tile do I need for a 15' x 15' room?

You need 225 tiles. :)

How many tiles would you need to cover a room that is 7 feet by 16 feet?

That depends entirely on the SIZE of the tiles ! A tile size of 1 ft2 would need 112 tiles, whereas a tile size of 6in2 would need 448 !

How many tiles of 12x24 do you need for a 25 square foot room?

Each tile will cover 2 square feet. So you will need 12.5 tiles.


each tile is one square foot so you need 55 tiles

How many 12X12 tiles do you need to do a 10X11?

The tile is bigger than the area that you want to cover (12x12 > 10x11) so one tile will do. <><><><><> However, if you meant 12x12 INCH tiles, and a 10x11 FOOT room, you would need 110 tiles.

If my room is 119 square feet how many tiles to you need to buy 12 x 12 tile?


How many 2.778 in tiles do you need to do a room 12 by 8?

The size of a tile requires two measures. It is also necessary to specify the units used for both, the measure of the tile as well as of the room.

How many 12 x 12 tiles do you need for a 320 sq ft room?

You need about 310 to 325 12x12 ceramic tiles for a 320 sq-ft room. Many tile dealers let you return unused tile. If your dealer does this, you should over-buy. You will probably break some, and the joint spacing may have an effect on the number of tiles required.

How many tiles would you need for a 10'3 x 13' room?

About 137 tiles, if they are 1ft X 1ft dimension, or about 137 square feet of tile. If you are using smaller tile, calculate how many tile are needed per square foot and multiply that times 137.

If i have a room that 12'6in width and 10'4 in length and I am installing 5tile. How many tiles do I need?

You will need approx 130 sq ft of tiles. Divide the tile dimension into the total to figure out the quantity. Allow for breakage/spoilage. Tile squares come in many sizes.

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