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It is the one point that does not move during rotation.

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Q: How do you work out the center of a rotating shape?
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What is axial alignment in rotating machines?

Shaft center to center

What is an axle for?

It is the center shaft of a rotating wheel or gear.

How rotating magnetic amplifier work?

what does it mean by rotating amplifier and how it works?

When sails are rotating what shape are they moving in?

They move in a swirly way

Where can the concept of the center of gravity be used?

Acceleration of rotating objects

What is a column of violently rotating air in the shape of a funnel cloud?

A tornado

Work and energy in rotational motion?

There is energy in a rotating mass. Work equal to that energy has to be done on it to get it rotating. But it will keep on rotating without any additional work or energy, unless it is slowed down by friction, or other forces.

Is the universe rotating?

About everything is rotating but no all of the Universe moon is rotating around the Earth and Earth and other planets are rotating around the sun that all of them are our Solar system. But this is not End!!! Because our solar system and about 1000000000 other solar systems are rotating around a Huge Black hole in the Center of our Galaxy But Galaxies are not Rotating! They are moving but not around anything. they are receding from Themselves Until all of the universe Stops. Then they start approaching to the center of Universe. Center of universe is where that Big bang happened. But all of these are only Theories of Astronomy science

What is a movement of a new position by rotating the shape around a point called?


What is it called when the sun and earth and the moon lineup?

The sun is in the center of the universe. The earth is rotating around the sun. The Moon is rotating around earth.

What does a tranlation in a shape look lke?

Moving a shape, without rotating or flipping it. "Sliding". The shape still looks exactly the same, just in a different place.

What is an eccentric shaft?

A shaft is usually longish bit of rotating machinery, made to transfer rotating power. Eccentric means off-center. Either the shaft isn't round, or it's not mounted at the center of wherever it it.

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