How do you write The sum of five squared and two?

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52 + 2

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Q: How do you write The sum of five squared and two?
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When the sum of a number plus three is squared it is 13 more than the sum of the number plus two when squared.?


What two squared numbers add up 62?

There are no two whole numbers which when squared sum to 62. There are infinitely may pairs of irrational numbers that when squared sum to 62, eg 1 and √61, 2 and √58

How do you write the different between twenty and five multiplied by the sum of eight and two?

20 - 5(8 + 2) or you could just write -30

Can 5077 be expressed as the sum of two perfect squares?

Yes. 6 squared+71 squared equals 5077

How do you write a number squared in word 2007?

If you want to show four squared, write the two as a superscript like this: 42

Why does a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

Because the letters can represent any sum not necessarily its only on a triangle where that happens the hypotenuse squared equals the sum of the other two sides squared added together like if a was 1 and b was two c could be three so 1+4 doesn't equal 9

10 is equal to the sum of two other counting numbers squared what are they?

1 and 3

Can 4 be written as the sum of two squared numbers?

Yes: 22 + 02 = 4.

How do you write four squared?

4 with a small two in the corner

When adding two vectors at right angles is the resultant of the vectors the algebraic sum of the two vectors?

No. Vectors add at rightangle bythe pythagoran theorem: resultant sum = square root of (vector 1 squared + vector 2 squared)

The sum squares of two numbers are 68 and the square of their difference is 36 The product of the two numbers is?

2 squared = 4 8 squared = 64 2 squared + 8 squared = 4 + 64 = 68 8 squared - 2 squared = 6 squared = 36 The product of 8 x 2 = 16.

How do you write two and five tenths?

two and five tenths

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