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This is the answer I got off Google tranlate...

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Q: How do you write three digit numbers in french?
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How do you use the numbers 5 6 and 7 to write six different three digit numbers only once?


How do you write 2 or two people?

Generally, single digit numbers are written out as one, two, three, etc.

How do you write the numbers in french?

what number system is used to write French numbers

Write all the three digit numbers using the digits 4 6 and 8 without repeating any digit?

468, 486, 648, 684, 846, 864.

Write an addicion story for two 3-digit number?

write an addition story for two 3-digit numbers. write the answer to your story

How do you write 3 digit whole number?

Those are all of the numbers from 100 to 999. Take any three counting numbers and write them next to each other. 284, 947, 882, etc.

How many different three-digit numbers can you write using the digits 4 1 and 6?

There are 3*2*1 = 6 of them.

How many different three digit numbers can you write that has a 2 in tens place and a 5 in the hundredths place?

You can write nine numbers: 125, 225, 325, 425, 525, 625, 725, 825, 925.

Do you use numbers or write out the number in papers?

You write out the numbers. If you just simply put the digit on the paper it will be incorrect.

What is the smallest digit you can write in the tens place of a three digit number?


What is the smallest digit we can write in the hundreds place of a three-digit number?

1We can not start a three digit number with 0, so 1 is the smallest digit.

How do you order rational and irrational numbers?

Write them as decimals, and compare. If the first digit of two numbers is equal, compare the second digit; if the second digit is equal, compare the third digit, etc.