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Q: How does a number line represent equivalent fractions?
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Two fractions that represent the same point on the number line?

equivalent fractions

How does a number line represent equivalent fractions and decimals?


What do you call a fractions are located at exactly the same position on a number line?

Equivalent fractions.

What fractions can be labeled on a number line with a line plot?

All fractions can be labelled on a number line.

How do you do number line fractions?

fractions are represented in form of decimals

How do you differentiate between fractions and integers?

Integers are positive and/or negative numbers. Fractions are not integers because they are not originally positive or negative. However, they can both be put on a number line and be considered an integer. Fractions aren't integers unless put on a number line. Integers don't have to be on a number line to be considered an integer.

How do you compare fractions using a number line?

by looking at the denominator

How do you represent root 9.3 on number line?

take a no. line

How can you represent 3 4ths on a number line?

3/4 on the number line is 0.75

Can a point on a number line stand for more than one fraction?

Yes and no. 1/2 can be written 2/4, so the fractions are written differently, but mathematically equivalent. The same is true of any point on a number line. The same point couldn't be 1/2 and 1/3 since these fractions aren't equal.

Can you represent an irrational number on a number line?

Irrational numbers can be graphed at a number line, but only as an estimation.

How is ordering fractions on a number line similar to and different from ordering whole numbers on a number line?

It will be easier to know what to write