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The cicumference of any circle divided by its diameter is aways equal to pi.

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2012-02-07 10:16:47
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Q: How does pi relate to the circumference and diameter of a cirle?
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What is the circunference of a cirle with 12 diameter?

circumference = pi*diameter

What is the formula for the circumference of the cirle?

circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

How does pi relate to the circumference and diameter of a circle?

pi = circumference divided by diameter

What is the circumference of a cirle with a diameter of 16?

16 pi = almost exactly 50¼

The formula for circumference of a cirle is?

pi*radius squared

Work out the perimeter of the semi-cirle when diameter is 15cm?

The perimeter of a full circle (circumference) is "pi" times the diameter. So the perimeter of a semi-circle will be half that; Perimeter = (pi/2) x (diameter).

What is the diameter of a 12cm circle?

using the formula circumference=diameter X pi: circumference=diameter X pi circumference/pi=diamter X pi/pi circumference/pi=diameter therefore, diameter=circumference/pi diameter=12mm/3.14 diameter=3.821mm

What is the circumference of a 12 inch diameter disc?

Approximately 37.68 inches. The formula is the value of Pi times the diameter of the cirle. Pi rounds to 3.14. Thus 12 X 3.14 = 37.68.

What is the diameter if the circumference is 2.25?

0.7161972439135291... Circumference = pi*diameter which yields circumference/pi = diameter 2.25/pi = diameter 2.25/pi = 0.7161972439135291...

How do you get diameter from circumference?

Circumference is Pi x Diameter so do Circumference divided by Pi to get the diameter :)

What is the equation to get circumference of a circle if you have diameter?

Circumference = Pi x Diameter (Pi equals 3.14)

How do you find the area of a cirle with the circumference?

Area = circumference squared... You do circumference divided by 4,... and then divide that by Pi.

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