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As with most advanced math, if your "real life" involves engineering work, you will use such math; otherwise, you will hardly have anything to do, in this case, with polynomial functions.

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Q: How does polynomial function exist in real life?
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What are some real life Applications of Polynomial Functions?

That depends on what you mean with "real-life". You won't need polynomial functions to sell stuff at a supermarket, or to cut off a dead branch from your tree... but if you work in science and engineering, you will need some really advanced math - much more than a simple polynomial function.

Is it possible that the polynomial function doesn't have zeros?

In the real domain, yes. In the complex domain, no.

Can you have quadratic function with one real root and are complex root?

Yes, but in this case, the coefficients of the polynomial can not all be real.

What is the difference between a power functions and a polynomial functions?

A power function is of the form xa where a is a real number. A polynomial function is of the form anxn + an-1xn-1 + ... + a1x + a0 for some positive integer n, and all the ai are real constants.

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Is it true that the degree of polynomial function determine the number of real roots?

Sort of... but not entirely. Assuming the polynomial's coefficients are real, the polynomial either has as many real roots as its degree, or an even number less. Thus, a polynomial of degree 4 can have 4, 2, or 0 real roots; while a polynomial of degree 5 has either 5, 3, or 1 real roots. So, polynomial of odd degree (with real coefficients) will always have at least one real root. For a polynomial of even degree, this is not guaranteed. (In case you are interested about the reason for the rule stated above: this is related to the fact that any complex roots in such a polynomial occur in conjugate pairs; for example: if 5 + 2i is a root, then 5 - 2i is also a root.)

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