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If the number is doubles its total is doubled since its total is itself!

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Q: How does the total number change when the number is doubled?
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How does the file size change if the total number of pixels of an image is doubled?

The file size doubles.

If a number written in scientific notation was doubled would the exponent change?

Te exponent would not change if the number is less than 5.

How does the volume of a cylinder change if the height is doubled?

The volume will be doubled.

What is an algebrain expression a number doubled by 2?

Assuming that the phrase "doubled by 2" is tautological, the expression for a number multiplied by 2 (or a number doubled) is 2n.

What happens if the number of sides of an equiangular polygon is doubled?

The interior and exterior angles would change.

What is one third of an unknown number doubled?

one third of an unknown number doubled is...

How does volume of prism change if each dimension of the prism is doubled?

The answer gets doubled.

A number written in scientific notation is doubled must the exponent of the power of 10 change?

no it will not change, because if you double a number you dont usually get another "0" on the end

What is the answer if a natural number is doubled when added to its reciprocal?

A natural number is doubled when added to its reciprocal. Find that number!

From 1790 to 1800 the number of newspapers in America more than?


How would the circumference of a circle change if you doubled its diameter?

When you double the diameter, the circumference is also doubled.

How does the area of a triangle change when the height is doubled?

If the base stays the same, the area is also doubled.

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