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One cycle of the sine wave is equal to 360 degrees. In US the frequency of power is typically 60 Hz and hence one cycle is 1/60 of a second. Therefore you can calculate the degrees at any instant of time. If at zero degrees the voltage amplitude is zero, then at 90 degrees,which is 1/4 cycle, wave is at peak voltage. At 180 degrees it is at 1/2 cycle and zero voltage and then at 270 degrees it is 3/4 of the cycle and a peak negative voltage. Finally at 360 degrees the cycle is complete and the voltage is again zero.

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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz what is the period of the wave

In which material does sound travel the fastest

In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

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Q: How does time relate to degrees in an AC sine wave?
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How do you generate cos wave from sine wave?

By shifting the sine wave by 45 degrees.

How many degrees are in one cycle of a sine wave?

There are 360 degrees in one cycle of a sine wave.

What is phase shift when a sine wave with the maximum amplitude at time zero?

360 degrees

What is phase of a sine wave?

The phase angle varies from 0 to 360 degrees as the wave cycles.

What are two variables of a sine wave?

these are angular velocity & time. Sine(wt)

Why are satellite orbits depicted as sine-wave shapes?

The sine wave represents 360 degrees or a full circle. As the satellite revolves 360 degrees around the earth in its orbit this is how it is represented on a flat surface.

If Sine wave A and sine wave B are each ten kHz but B is delayed by 8.5 micro seconds from A The phase difference between the waves is?

30.6 degrees

What is a sine wave?

See the link belowA sine wave is computed by a mathematical function. A pure sine wave in a physical sense would exactly match the calculated value in the function at every point in time.

What happens where the phase shift between the sine wave and cosine wave is 180?

This question makes no sense as the specified condition cannot occur. The phase shift between a sine wave and a cosine wave is always 90 degrees, by definition.

What shape is a sine wave?

I linked a picture of a sine wave below.

What is the frequency of a sine wave that has a cycle time of 1ms?


Is there a device that converts modified sine wave AC output from a generator to pure sine wave AC?

Well, a pure sine wave can only be produced as a pure sine wave. If it was modified to begin with, it would never be a pure sine wave. However, an actual generator should be supplying pure sine wave output, while something such as an inverter would be producing a modified sine wave.

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