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360 degrees

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Q: What is phase shift when a sine wave with the maximum amplitude at time zero?
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What will be the output of differentiator if the input is sine wave?

a phase shifted sine wave of a different amplitude.

What parameters of a sine wave carrier can be modulated?

Amplitude, Frequency and Phase

What parameter of a sine wave carrier can be modulated?

Amplitude, Frequency and Phase

What are Three key parameters of an analog sine wave?

Frequency, amplitude, and phase.

Describe the three characteristics of a sine wave?

Frequency, Amplitude, Wave shape and Phase

How would you explain phase shift oscilater?

A phase-shift oscillator is a linear electronic oscillator circuit that produces a sine wave output.

How do you find amplitude in trigonometry?

The amplitude of a sine (or cosine) curve is the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the curve, measured over a whole cycle.

What happens where the phase shift between the sine wave and cosine wave is 180?

This question makes no sense as the specified condition cannot occur. The phase shift between a sine wave and a cosine wave is always 90 degrees, by definition.

What is the purpose of a phase-shift network in a Wien bridge oscillator?

A Wien bridge oscillator produces sine waves. In order for the sine waves to maintain a steady amplitude, a positive feedback system is used with some sort of control to limit gain. In order for the positive feedback system to work, the waves being "fed back" to the amplifier have to be in phase with the waves being generated. Thus, you need a phase shift network to ensure that the phases of the waves match, which in the case of a positive feedback system means that the generated waves need to go through a 360o phase shift during the feedback process.

At what phase angle is the voltage momentarily constant in a sine wave?

We often see the peak and trough (maximum positive and maximum negative excursions) of the sine wave considered as points of momentarily constant voltage. Those points are at phase angles of 90 degrees and at 270 degrees.

What is the connection between trigonometry ratios and sound waves?

Sound waves are transmitted through a medium as variations in the pressure of the medium. If the variation is plotted as a function of distance (or time), they will generate a sine curve (the cosine curve is the same as a sine curve with a phase shift). In practise, the sine curve is damped: the amplitude (or height) of the oscillations gradually decrease over time or distance, because of attenuation.

What is the relationship between the amplitude and frequency of a sine wave?

They are independent quantities. Amplitude decides the intensity ie energy content of the wave and frequency is different right from amplitude. If the maximum amplitude,E, is known then the instantaneous amplitude, e, can be found by e=E*sin(2*pi*f*t) where f is the frequency and t is the time in seconds from the start of the sine wave. Note that the angle in brackets is in radians. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there is no such a term "maximum amplitude". Amplitude itself is the maximum displacement. For a fixed frequency and fixed amplitude, as time passes then the displacement e varies as fractiion of max E. That is all. E is constant and f is another constant. They are not directly related in any way.

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