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If two round objects roll down a hill, the one with the greater mass will roll faster.

If they are dropped they will fall at the same rate.

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How are lava balls similar to snow balls?

a snow ball is a ball of compacted snow that grows as you roll it down a snowy hill. well its the same with a lava ball, but with snow instead.

Will a large ball roll faster than a small ball?

Bowling ball sizes are all the same no matter the weight

How is a stretched ruberband the same as a ball on a hill?

They both have potential energy.

What ball will roll the fastest a basketball or a tennis ball?

If thrown at the same speed, a basketball. A basketball is heavier and will have momentum going with it while a tennis ball will have little momentum. A basketball will roll faster than most balls.

Why do different balls roll the same distance under the force of gravity?

Answer Gravity Finds Means for EqualityThe distance balls roll is a measure of the force of gravitational pull independent of the mass or area or size of each ball.

What is the best plastic bowling ball?

There is no best plastic ball. They will all do the same thing. Roll straight down the lane.

How a basketball and a tennis ball rol down the ramp?

They should roll at the same rate

Where is breeds hill in relation to bunker hill?

They are the same place, just a different name.

What is the key to make a perfect roll all the time with a bowling ball?

Honestly, there is no key to a "perfect" roll. It really depends on how a person throws the ball and how the land condition is. I say that if you can throw a consistent ball in the same spot everytime, you are good.

Would a large massive ball or a smaller less massive ball reach the bottom of a hill first?

They will reach at the same time.

How long it takes for a ball to roll down a ramp?

Twice as long as it takes to roll halfway down the same ramp. Without knowing the size of the ball, and the length & angle of the ramp, thats the best I can tell you.

If you roll a bowling ball and a tennis ball with the same amount of force which will go further?

The tennis ball, because the coefficient of static friction is higher on the bowling ball, due to the higher mass.

What is science variables?

Variables are the different thing in the experiment. Ex.-Problem-Which ball rolls fastest? Hypothesis-The Softball will roll fastest. Investigation-Roll the balls at the same time and time them with a stopwatch. Conclusion-Basketball rolled the fastest. Variables-The balls.

Will 2 different size balls roll down an incline at the same speed?

Yes. The force of gravity it the same for all objects, like a golf ball and a basket ball. As long of the two objects dont have any kind of material that would most likely slow it down.

Does the structure of a toy car effect the distance it will roll?

Yes, its exactly the same as a normal car A Lambo will probably roll faster down a hill than a VW Beetle

If an ant from the same colony but a different hill enters another ant hill of the same colony what would happen?

If its from the same colony it has the same smell so theyd recognize it, no problem.

What is a pick and roll in basketball?

== == A pick and roll starts out with one player with the ball. Then another player, usually a center or power forward, will come up and screen or set a pick (same thing) on the guy defending the man with the ball. The man with the ball will then "roll" (run) to the basket along with the guy who sent the screen, and the guy will pass the ball to the guy who set the screen, giving him a scoring opportunity.

How do you bowl off spin while bowling?

When you roll the ball you want to twist your hand at the same time when letting go. This will cause the ball to spin or curve.

How is rock and roll similar to rock music?

Rock 'n roll and rock music are the same thing. They are slightly different terms for the exact same genre of music.

What is the third song in recorder karate?

Merrily We Roll Along Merrily We Roll Along and Mary Had A Little Lamb are different. I thought they were the same at first too. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

Do you have to use the same golf ball the whole game?

No, you do however have to use the same ball for a full hole. You can use a different ball for each hole if you want.

You roll a ball off a table and the same time drop a second ball straight down from the edge of table The second ball reaches the ground?

If they both leave the edge of the table at the same exact time, then they both hit the floor at the same exact time. They don't even have to have the same mass or weight.

What goes faster down a hill a heavy ball or a light ball?

They go the same all objects accelerate at 9.8 meters per second squared

Why do pill bugs roll up in a ball?

It is a defense mechanism. This rolling into a ball protects the exposed under parts and creates a armor shell to the attacker. There are mammals that do the same.

Why aren't hurricanes tracks the same?

Everything is different is like asking why isnt every hill the same.