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If two round objects roll down a hill, the one with the greater mass will roll faster.

If they are dropped they will fall at the same rate.

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Q: How far different size ball will roll if they are let go at the same spot on a hill?
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Suppose you were to roll a dicehow many different outcomes could occur as a result?

If you roll one cube, there are 6 possible outcomes.If you roll two cubes, there are 36 possible outcomes. But if you can't tellone cube from the other, then 1 - 2 looks the same to you as 2 - 1, sothere are only 18 different unique outcomes.

Why is a ball a sphere?

If the ball was a another shape, it wouldn't roll straight (an equally-weighted sphere is the only shape that can roll predictably). The point is that a spherical ball, sufficiently inflated or filled, produces about the same distribution of forces no matter what its orientation. Which is why many sports (golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling) use round balls, so that bouncing, rolling, or hitting them the same way produces consistent rather than unpredictable results. Footballs and rugby balls can take unusual bounces and paths due to their oblong shapes.

Does a previous roll of the dice affect the odds what roll?

No. Each roll is independent of the previous roll (on a fair dice). The same is true for flipping a coin. Getting a six your first roll does not make you any more or less likely to roll a six the second time.

Does the weight of the bob effect the swinging of a pendulum?

No, weight does not factor into a pendulum swing (in a vacuum) Note that gravity effects all objects the same, drop a 10 pound weight and a 1 pound weight from the same distance and they will hit the ground at the same time. As long as friction from the air does not play a roll for example as with a feather vs a bowling ball, (which will actually hit the ground at the same time if they are in a vacuum) the weight of the bob should not matter. However, because there are very slight variations in gravity with different elevations pendulums of the same weight will swing at different time intervals if one is on top of a mountain and one is at sea level.

You roll a dice once what is the probability that you roll an even number?

The same as rolling an odd number... 1:2 or 50% chance.

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How are lava balls similar to snow balls?

a snow ball is a ball of compacted snow that grows as you roll it down a snowy hill. well its the same with a lava ball, but with snow instead.

How is a stretched ruberband the same as a ball on a hill?

They both have potential energy.

Which ball rolls down a hill faster a big one or a small one?

Assuming both balls have the same shape and surface, the smaller ball will typically roll down the hill faster due to having less mass and experiencing less resistance from friction and air resistance. This results in a greater acceleration for the smaller ball compared to the larger one.

How long it takes for a ball to roll down a ramp?

The time it takes for a ball to roll down a ramp will depend on the angle of the ramp, the friction between the ball and the ramp, and the initial velocity of the ball. However, in ideal conditions with no friction and starting from rest, the time can be calculated using physics equations for motion.

What is a homophone for hill?

A homophone for hill is "hill." Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.

What is the key to make a perfect roll all the time with a bowling ball?

Honestly, there is no key to a "perfect" roll. It really depends on how a person throws the ball and how the land condition is. I say that if you can throw a consistent ball in the same spot everytime, you are good.

Would a large massive ball or a smaller less massive ball reach the bottom of a hill first?

They will reach at the same time.

Will a ball with less or heavier mass go further?

A ball with less mass will typically go further than a heavier ball when thrown or hit with the same force, as it is easier to accelerate and maintain its velocity. However, factors such as air resistance and the surface it bounces on can also influence how far a ball travels.

Does the structure of a toy car effect the distance it will roll?

Yes, its exactly the same as a normal car A Lambo will probably roll faster down a hill than a VW Beetle

What two things have the same mass but different volume?

A metal ball and a foam ball can have the same mass but different volumes. The metal ball will be denser and therefore have a smaller volume compared to the foam ball.

Does a small or a large ball travel faster in wind?

Well it all depends on what types really, if they are both of the same, then the big one will roll faster. Lets say for example, you had a big kick ball and a little kick ball, the big will roll faster in the wind. Sorry about the second post, but i almost forgot, it also depends on how big the ball is, because if it's MUCH larger then it will not roll faster, and if it too small, it will hardly roll as well. So as long they are close in size the big one will roll/travel faster

Is tumble a verb?

Yes, it is. As in, "He tumbled down the hill."