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This of coarse all depends on the altitude, the humidity, and the temperature of the air. At Sea level the speed of sound is roughly 344.4 meters per second.

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Near room temperature, the speed of sound in air is 344.4 m/s.

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Q: How fast does sound travel in metres per second?
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How fast does sound travel through glass in meters per second?

There are different types of glass so there is not a single answer. The speed of sound is approx 4,000 metres per second ( range 3500 - 4500 ms^-1).

How fast is the speed of sound through air?

at 0 degrees Celsius sound travells 330 metres per second at 20 degrees Celsius sound travells 340 metres per second at 30 degrees Celsius sound travells 350 metres per second in water sound travells 1400 meters per second through wood sound travells 4500 metres per second through steel sound travells 5000 metres per second

How fast does sound travel in a second?

in air sound travels 330m/s

How fast does light from stars travel?

At the speed of light, which is 299,792,458 metres per second.

How fast does light travel in ethyl alcohol?

It travels at approx 220,000,000 metres per second.

How fast does sound travel in a solid?

6420.4 Meters a second on average.

How fast do electromagnetic travel?

Every wave in the electromagnetic spectrum travels at 2.99792x108 metres per second.

How fast does sound sound wave travel through iron in miles per hour?

Speed of sound in iron = 5120 metres / sec = 11453 miles / hour

How fast does a sound wave travel meters per second?

The speed of sound at sea level is 340.29 meters per second.

How fast can sound travel through glass?

5000 meters per second

How fast does sound travel through solids?

6420 Meters a second on average.

Which travels faster sound or light signals?

At sea level, the speed of light through air is approx 299,700,000 metres per second. The speed of sound, in similar conditions, is approx 343 metres per second. So light signals are around 875,000 times faster than sound.