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24.14 km per hour for a 4-minute mile.

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Q: How fast in kilometers would you have to run to do a 4 minute mile?
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How fast are you going if you go 1 mile in 50 seconds?

well, if you were going 1 mile in 60 sec. you would be going 1 mile per minute. or, in this case, you would be going 5/6 of a mile per minute. (MPM, or miles per minute.)

Is a 6 minute mile fast for an average runner?

A 6-minute mile is fast and long for an average American human being.

How fast do you need to run in kilometers to achieve 7 minute miling?

You must maintain a pace of at least 13.8km/h for one mile.

How fast does a person run a quarter of a mile?

It depends on how fast the kid naturally runs. If they run really fast, it might be a 60 second half mile. If they run slow, it might be a 2-3 minute mile

A train travels at a speed of 30 miles per hour If 1 mile equals 1.6 kilometers how fast is the train traveling in kilometers per minute?

You start by converting that to kilometers per hour, which would be 48 kilometers per hour. An hour contains 60 seconds, and to convert to smaller units of time, you divide, so 48/60 is 0.8 kilometers per minute.

How fast is 65 mile per hour?

More than a mile a minute.

How fast do you have to drive to make a mile a minute?

60 miles per hour is exactly one mile per minute.

How fast would you have to run to get two miles in eight minutes?

15 mph, 4 minute mile

How fast do you have to run to run an 8 minute mile?

You would have to run 60 ÷ 8 = 7.5 mph.

How fast do you have to run to get a 6 minute mile?

10 mph

What does the idiom talk a mile in a minute mean?

To talk fast.

How fast in mph is a 5 minute mile?

it is 50 mph