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After my opinion it is not true: if you are good at mathematics you must be good at chemistry and physics.

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Q: How hard is chemistry if you are good at algebra?
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Is it true that chemistry will be hard for you even if you are good at algebra?

This would be a matter of opinion. It depends on the person. Someone may be good at chemistry but not algebra while someone else might be good at algebra but not chemistry. Others may be good at both subjects or find both subjects hard.

Will chemistry be hard for you if you got an A plus in algebra?

It may or may not be. Although mathematics is the language of science, some people can be good at mathematics/algebra but just can't visualize molecules. If you are good at algebra though, there is a much greater chance that you will find chemistry easier than someone who is poor at algebra.

Will you do poorly in physics chemistry and engineering if you are good at algebra?

Not necessarily.

Is Chemistry difficult?

Absolutely! Chemistry is a very hard subject because it has to do with Math & you Algebra skills! Lots of equations & formulas to memorize and many fun but hard labs!

What isBoolean algebra?

Algebra is for solving equations. It's the entire purpose of Algebra. You'll use Algebra in Biology, Chemistry, and Finance. Study hard and it will make your other math & science classes easier.

Is chemistry difficult if you are good at algebra?

It should be easier for you if you are good at algebra than it would be if you were not. A significant amount of working with chemistry is the manipulation of symbolic forms used to understand what can and cannot happen, which is about the same as algebra (however the rules for manipulating the symbols are very different). Of course there are many other difficult things to learn in chemistry that algebra won't help you with at all.

Does introduction to chemistry involve algebra?

Yes, but as you get more into chemistry at higher levels, algebra will not be of any use to you(i.e organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc).

Is it true that if you are good at mathematics and algebra you will fail chemistry?

No, there is no reason why you should fail in this case.

Is physics hard if you are good at algebra?

Being able to use algebra is essential to studying physics. Being good with algebra can make studying physics easier than it would be if you were not good with algebra. However, being good with algebra will not ensure that you will find studying physics to be easy.

Does sixth grade have algebra?

Why yes you do, its not that hard really! good luck!

How is algebra and geometry used in chemistry?

I was in Chemistry last year and we used something called stoichiometry, which uses both algebra and geometry.

Will you have difficulties with chemistry if you got an a plus in algebra?

Well, you may still have difficulties, but it won't be because of the math. Most of the math in chemistry is algebra, but there's a lot of conceptual stuff as well. So take good notes!

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