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Standard rule, top to the fixture same height as top to the door.

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Q: How high from the floor do you install an entry light?
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How high from the floor do you install a 2x4 fire block in a regular wall on a slab foundation?

Install fire blocks 48" from floor. Stagger them so that one is 48" to the top and the next is 48" to the bottom (easier to nail them)

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How high should the light switch box be off the floor?

There is no specified standard but 48" is typical

In the principles of universal design light switches should generally be located how high from the floor?


How high should a light switch be installed on a wall?

I have always made them at least 4 feet from the floor.

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A high quality Murray Feiss light built into your ceiling can leave your office floor clear for working. Consider the professional appeal of beautiful built in lights when you design your home office space.

How high to install a wall sconce?

It depends, how high is the ceiling. a wall sconce should not be set lower than 6 feet from the floor. for high ceilings they can be placed as high as 8 feet. any higher and you'll need a ladder to replace the bulbs.

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