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A circle is like a rectangle because they are both closed figures and are 360 degrees.

A cylinder is like a rectangular prism because they are each 3 dimensional.

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Q: How is a circle and a rectangle alike with a cylinder and a rectangular prism?
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How is a circle and a rectangular alike with a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

A cylinder contains 2 faces that are circles and a rectangular prism contains 6 faces that a a rectangle.

How is a rectangle and rectangular prism alike?

both are a rectangular

Compare rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms How are they alike?

there both rectangle

How are a rectangle an a rectangular prism alike?

Because they both have rectangle in their name!

How is rectangular prism and cylinder alike?

they are alike because they both have 2 bases

How are circle and rectangle alike?

They're both polygons and shapes.

How are a cube a rectangular prism and a cylinder alike?

They are all, technically, prisms.

How is the cylinder and rectangular prism alike?

Both the cylinder and rectangular prism are solid objects. Volume of both can be found by multiplying the area of the base by the height.

How a square and rectangular alike?

They both have four sides and four right angles. Every square is also a rectangle. But not every rectangle is a square.

How is a rectangular prism and a cylinder alike?

both 3d Alike: Both Cylinder and Prism have the same corresponding Top and Bottom. This is the definition. A Cylinder can be considered as a prism with infinite no. of sides. Different: The side walls of any Prism are flat but that of a cylinder is curved.

Why are circles and cylinders alike?

The circular base of a cylinder has the same properties as that of a circle.

How is rectangular prism alike to rectangular pyramids?

Rectangular prisms have two rectangles at each base. Take four lines and connect the four corners perpendicularly of the two rectangles to make a rectangular prism. Rectangular pyrimads only have one rectangle base. Draw four lines from the four corners of the rectangle and make those four lines meet at one point. The way these two are alike is that they both had rectangular bases.