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Three centuries equals 300 years.

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Q: How is a old person three centuries old Age?
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How can a person be 3 century old?

they were born in 1899 and lived through the 1900's and live today in the 2000's Another answer: No one can be 3 centuries old. However someone can live in three different centuries. A person could be born in 1898 and live until 2002. That person would have lived in three different centuries. The person would have lived 104 years.

The mean age of three people is 22 and their median age is 20 the range of their age is 16 how old is each person?

15, 20 and 31.

How old can a old person be?

a old person is qualified to be old when there over the age of 60 years old.

What is the abbreiviation for an old age pensioner?

It is Old Age Person (OAP).

A girl is three years old and her brother is three times as old as she is When the girl is 7 years old how old will her brother be?

---- She is age 3, her brother is age 9 She is age 4, her brother is age 10 She is age 5, her brother is age 11 She is age 6, her brother is age 12 She is age 7, her brother is age 13 So when she is 7, her brother will be 13

How old was Hera the Goddess when she died?

I don't think she can die, since she is immortal, and she has lived for centuries, but she can become a person of any age at any time, so the answer is indefinite

How old is the person who broke the record of age?

the record of age is 112

When I was 14 years old my father was 42 years old which was three times my age. Now he is twice my age how old am I?


How old can a person live up to?

At any given time there are about 100 people in the United States who are over 110 years of age. Three Americans are currently alive at age 113.

What are three advances from the old stone age?

There are many advances from the old stone age. One advancement from the old stone age is the use of medicine to treat sickness.

What is Isaac's approximate age?

three years old

What makes a person die of old age?

When a person dies of old age its because there heart can no longer continue to run and support there body any more.