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we're tring to figure that too.

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Q: How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers the same?
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How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers the same and how is it different?

they are the same because they both have whole numbers

What does comparing Mixed Numbers mean?

You tell whats the same and different.

Difference LCD and LCM?

The function of the numbers in question. The process is the same. When comparing two whole numbers, we call it the LCM. When comparing two fractions, we call it the LCD.

What is the rule for comparing whole numbers?

if the bottom number of each denominator is 1 or 0 than it will always be a hole number. when you are comparing the both denominator must be the same.

How can you order decimals fractions and mixed numbers on a number line?

The easiest way is to convert the mixed numbers and fractions to decimals by dividing the numerators (top) numbers by the denominator (bottom) numbers of each fraction - for a mixed number, the whole number needs to be added on.Then, comparing the whole numbers order as much as possible the numbers. Start with the tenths digit (the digit immediately to the right of the decimal point)Sort those groups of numbers with the same digits so far based on the current decimal digitIf there are still groups of numbers, use the next decimal digit (hundredth, thousandth, etc) until a distinction can be made.Where there are a group of numbers with the same whole number, start looking at the decimal digits:Write the list out of numbers out in their original form (decimal, fraction or mixed number).

How do you convert mix numbers?

multiply the denominator by the whole number, then add the numerator, the denominator is the same as the mixed numbers denominator

How do you compare mixed numbers?

First you have to compare the whole numbers. When the whole numbers are the same, compare the fractions. If the denominators of the fraction are the same, compare the numerators. If the denominators are different, convert them to have the least common denominators. Then compare the numerators.

What are the similarities and different between comparing whole number and comparing decimals?

The process is the same.

Is a mixed number into a mixed fraction the same thing?

Mixed numbers and mixed fractions are the same thing.

How do you write mixed numbers into fractions?

You multiply the denominator by the whole number the add the numerator and you keep the denominator the same.

Is a whole number the same thing as a mixed number?

No. A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction.

Are whole numbers and prime numbers the same?

No. Prime numbers are a subset of whole numbers.

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