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Q: How is data collected in research?
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Data research procedure?

Data research procedure include information on how data is collected, when it was collected, and who is responsible for data collection. Where data was stored and how to ensure data is correct are also part of data research procedure.

What are the differences in the ways that data can be collected in biological research?

Qualitative data

What do researchers mean by secondary data?

Data collected after any research to gather primary data.

How can data be collected?

There are several ways that data can be collected that include interviews and research. Other methods used to collect data include surveys, phone calls, and by direct observation.

What is empirical research?

empirical research or empirical study means: data has already been collected and analyzed.

The development of an experimental research plan should not include a?

conclusion based on data expected to be collected in the experiment

What does the word data mean in scientific terms?

Information collected during research or an experiment.

What word in research methods means to manipulate collected data to draw a conclusion?


What was the source of the data collected in the research example given by Schaefer?

the General Sociological Survey

A research study which uses data collected at a single point in time?


What are the various methods one can use to identify the shape of data distribution collected for research study?

Statistical data analysis is one of the various methods one can use to identify the shape of date distribution collected for a research study. Along with data analysis, one could also used a histogram.

Difference between a primary market reserch and a secondary market research?

Primary market research is like primary data collection, which is original or untampered data which is obtained by the researcher directly from the respondents. This is a rather time consuming method as the researcher should approach respondents based on the nature of the data. Secondary market research is a subset to Primary market research where the researcher collects data from the already collected research data. This saves time and effort as information to the problem is already available and new information alone has to be collected.