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just like direct proportionality

and make negative slope in graph

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Q: How is decelaration represented on a velocity time graph?
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How is declaration represented on a velocity time graph?

Deceleration (negative acceleration) is represented by a negative slope on a velocity-time graph.

What quantity is represented by the slope in a velocity-versus-time graph?

The slope of a velocity-versus-time graph represents the acceleration of the object.

How is deceleration represented on a velocity per time graph?

It shows up as a part of the graph where its slope is negative.

What is represented on a velocity time graph?

It is radial the velocity in a direction towards or away from a fixed point of reference (the origin) at a given time. The velocity time graph takes no account of motion in a direction across the radial direction.

What does the line look for an object standing still on a velocity vs time graph?

On a velocity vs time graph, an object that is motionless is represented by a horizontal line through the zero velocity point.

How is deceleration represented on a velocity or time graph?

a negative slope this is for my e2020 home boyz

What is represented by an x intercept on a velocity time graph?

If time is the x-axis as expected then the x-intercept would be zero movement of the velocity.

How is deceleration represented on a velocity time graph?

By a line that slopes down as it moves from left to right.

What are the advantages of velocity time graph?

What are the advantages of velocity- time graph?

What is a velocity time graph in detail?

A velocity time graph is still a velocity time graph - no matter the degree of detail that you look at it.

What does the slope of a velocity vs time graph show you?

The rate of acceleration is a measure of the change of the velocity of an object with time. On a graph of velocity versus time, it is represented by the slope of the line so graphed. If velocity is changing in time, the object described is being accelerated. The greater the slope of the graph, the greater the change of velocity per unit of time and the greater the acceleration of that object. true

What does velocity and time graph represent?

velocity time graph shows the relation between velocity , time , and displacement.

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