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Negative numbers are less than zero, not more.

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Q: How is negative a more than zero?
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Related questions

Is zero less than negative one?

Zero is more than, not less than the number negative 1.

What does it mean for a value to be non-negative?

It means that the number is zero or more, just not less than zero. "Positive" means more than zero. "Non-negative" means either zero or else more than zero.

Is zero less than -49?

Zero is more than any negative amount as it is not a negative amount. It is neither positiver nor negative.

What is 3 more than negative 3?


What integer is more than negative 2 and less than positive 1?

negative 2, and zero

What is a number less than zero?

A negative number is less than zero.

Why is a negative number less than a positive number?

A negative number is defined as a number that is less than zero. Positive numbers, on the other hand, are more than zero. You can see that positive numbers are greater than negative numbers because they are all above zero, which negative numbers are not.

Is negative five greater than zero?

no because anything negative is less than zero.

Is every negative integer greater than zero?

Zero is Greater than every negative integer

Is 0.1 negative?

0.1 is not negative, it is positive. A negative number is a number that is less than zero. 0.1 is greater than zero.

Is negative a greater than zero?

no zero is greater

How do you know if its a negative or a positive number?

negative numbers are numbers less than zero. negative numbers have a negative sign in front of them EX: -9 negative nine positive numbers are anything more than zero. EX: 9 positive nine

What are negative and positive numbers?

positive numbers are greater than zero, and negative numbers are less than zero

What does negative and positive mean?

A positive number is greater than zero; a negative number is less than zero.

Is zero bigger than negative one?

Yes, zero is technically bigger than negative one.

What is positive and negative in mathematics?

In math, positive means greater than zero, and negative means less than zero.

What is the product of an integer larger than zero and an integer smaller than zero?

positive times negative equals negative

Why is zero neither posotive or negative?

The easiest way to see it is: Positive means greater than zero Negative means less than zero So zero is neither of these.

A number less than zero?

any negative number is less than zero

Less than zero?

Anything less than zero would be a negative number.

Is -15 greater than zero?

No. All negative numbers are less than zero.

What is negative zero?

Zero is neither negative nor positive. By definition, a positive number is greater than zero. Similarly, a negative number is less than zero. Zero itself does not fit into either of those categories, and is thus neither negative nor positive; it is neutral. "Negative zero" then, is equal to -1 × 0, which equals 0.

What is a positive and What is a negative?

In math, a positive is a number greater then zero, and a negative number is less than zero.

What is more than one wale?

The answer depends on what a "wale" is: in particular, whether it is negative, positive or zero.

What is less than zero minus?