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9 months

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Q: How long is 42 weeks?
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Related questions

How long is it from conception to birth?

Around 42 weeks

How long is 6 weeks?

6 weeks equal 42 days or a month and 11 or 12 days

How many months is 42 weeks?

42 weeks = 9.665753425 months

How long does the pregnancy last?

A pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks but you could go up to 42 weeks.

How long does a normal pregnancy last?

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 to 42 weeks.

How long did it take Tiger Woods to become number one?

42 weeks as professional

What trimester is 18 weeks pregnant?

When someone is 18 weeks pregnant they are in their second trimester. A pregnancy is usually 42 weeks long. The first trimester is the first 13 weeks. The second trimester runs from week 14 to 26. The third and final trimester is weeks 27 to 42.

Is there 42 weeks in 1 year?

No, if there, were there would be 8.6 days in a week.A year is 365.24 days long, and normally 52 weeks.

Does a pregnancy not be 40 weeks?

It can from 37 - 42 weeks

How long in womb from conceiving to birth?

Humans are concidered full term between 38 and 42 weeks with the average being 40 weeks.

If measured in weeks how long is a normal human gestation period?

38-40 weeks it differs. Some go till 42 weeks at that point they usually enduce labor

Are there 42 weeks in one year?

There are 52 weeks in a year.

How long does pregnancy last in ferrets?

Pregnancy in ferrets lasts 38-42 days or 6 weeks

How long will it take to get 126 dollars if your olny earning 3 dollars each week?

42 weeks

How many days are six weeks?

42 days. 7 days x 6 weeks = 42 days.

How long does a ferret stay pregnant?

A ferret pregnancy lasts for 38-42 days (6 weeks)

How many weeks is considered third trimester?

Weeks 28-42.

What is 6 weeks in days?

Six weeks is 42 days (6X7).

How many weeks is full term pregnancy?

38-42 weeks.

How many days are in 6 weeks?

There are 42 days in six weeks, since there are seven days in a week. 7x6=42.

How many weeks are their in 42 days?


How many days in six weeks?


How days are in 6 weeks?

42 days

How many weeks equal 300 days?

42 weeks and 6 days.

How long to sail from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 42 ft sailboat?

Anywhere from 3 weeks to a month depending on weather.