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There is insufficient information to answer the question. There is no indication that the octagon is regular and therefore, you may not assume that it is.

Even it you were told that it is a regular octagon, there is still insufficient information: the answer will depend on what the 17.25 inch is a measure of - the diagonal of the octagon or its height (width).

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Q: How long is each side of a 17.25 inch octagon?
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How long are each side of an octagon 24 inch circle?

The answer depends on whether the octagon is inside the circle or outside (tangential).

If an octagon is 12' wide how long are the sides?

howlong,to the nearest inch, is each of the sides of an octagonal acre /

What figure that is 48 inches around and equal sides each 6 inches long?

Each side of the 48 inch perimeter is 6 inches long, therefore there are 48 / 6 = 8 of them. The figure is a regular octagon.

The perimeter of this regular octagon is 56 How long is each side?

Each side is 56/8 (7).

How do you find a regular octagon with size 5 cm?

It is an octagon each of whose sides is 5 cm long and each of whose interior angles measures 135 degrees.

If the perimeter of a regular octagon is 8z-16 how long is each side?

If the permiter of a regular octagon is 8z-16, then the length of each side would be the perimeter / 8 or 2z-2

What is the sum of measures of an octagon?

It depends how long each side is. An octagon's sides do not have to all be the same length, they can vary from octagon to octagon. A regular octagon's sides are all equal so the sum of their measures would be 8 times the length of any one side..

The gazebo in the park is an octagon each side of the gazebo is 4 feet long what is the perimeter of the gazebo?

An octagon has 8 sides, each of which is four feet long. 8 x 4 = 32 feet, or 10 yards, 2 feet.

How do you make a 6 inch octagon From a 6 inch square how long is the triangle you remove from the corners?

You remove right angled triangles whose legs are 3*[2-sqrt(2)] = 1.7574 inches long.

How long is each side of an 11.25 inch diameter octagon?

Polygons do not have diameters. Is the 11.25" from one point to the opposite, or from one side straight across? The two are quite different and will give a different answer for the side length.

If the area of an octagon is sixteen units how long is each side?

The side length is 1.82 units.

How long should each side be for a octagon 10 feet in diameter?

Approx 3.83 feet.

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