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Time = Distance/Speed = 7/0.08 = 87.5 minutes = 1 hour and 27.5 minutes.

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Q: How long will it take you to go seven miles at a rate of 0.08 miles per minute?
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How long will it take to travel 315 miles if the rate of speed is 45 miles per hour?

Seven hours.

A car is traveling at a rate of 66 miles per hour What is the car's rate in miles per minute?

Dividing the speed in miles per hour by the number of minutes in one hour gives 66/60 = 1.1 miles per minute.

How fast would you have to drive to go 12 miles in 8 minitutes?

Distance = Rate * Time or, for our purposes Rate = Distance/Time Rate = 12 miles/8 minutes = 1.5 miles per minute -----------------------------------to get a real world sense of this 1.5 miles/minute (60 minutes/1 hour) = 90 miles an hour ---------------------------

What is your rate in feet per minute if you run 5miles in 1 hour?

If you run 5 miles in 1 hour your rate is 440 feet per minute.

What is the rate per minute for traveling 78 miles in 20 minutes?


How long would it take to get to 57.67 miles going at a rate of 80 meters per minute?

19.335068 hrs or 19 hrs 20 min

If you jog 4 miles in 56 minutes how far can i go in 84 minutes?

6 miles ------------------------------------------------- Find the rate of miles per minute by dividing the distance achievable in the time used and multiply by the specified time: rate = 4/56 miles/minute → distance = 4/56 miles/minute × 84 minutes = 6 miles

What is the unit rate of 60 miles per hour to yards per minute?

60 miles per hour = 1,760 yards per minute (often referred to as "one mile")

What is the rate of speed dividing 2.4 miles by 21 minutes?

2.4 miles in 21 minutes = 0.114286 miles per minute or 6.8571428... mph

Write the rate 102 miles to 4 minutes as a fraction in simplest form?

102 miles to 4 minute = 51 miles to 2 minutes

How long is 25 miles at the rate of 25mph?

Long? It is 25 miles. Time? One hour.

If you travel 10 miles in ten minutes how fast are you going in miles per minutes?

You are going one mile per minute at that rate.

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