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60 miles per hour = 1,760 yards per minute (often referred to as "one mile")

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2011-10-31 05:03:10
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Q: What is the unit rate of 60 miles per hour to yards per minute?
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What is her rate in yards per minute if she runs 21 miles per hour?

21 miles per hour is equal to 36960 yards per hour. Since this is the rate per hour, we must divide that by 60 for minutes to leave 616 yards per minute.

What is 21 miles per hour in yards per minute?

21 miles is equal to 36960 yards. Since this is the rate per hour, we must divide that by 60 to leave 616 yards per minute.

A car is traveling at a rate of 66 miles per hour What is the car's rate in miles per minute?

Dividing the speed in miles per hour by the number of minutes in one hour gives 66/60 = 1.1 miles per minute.

What is your rate in feet per minute if you run 5miles in 1 hour?

If you run 5 miles in 1 hour your rate is 440 feet per minute.

How fast would you have to drive to go 12 miles in 8 minitutes?

Distance = Rate * Time or, for our purposes Rate = Distance/Time Rate = 12 miles/8 minutes = 1.5 miles per minute -----------------------------------to get a real world sense of this 1.5 miles/minute (60 minutes/1 hour) = 90 miles an hour ---------------------------

How do you express a rate as a unit rate like 750 yards in 25 minutes?

If you divide both terms by 25 then this gives the distance travelled in 1 minute.750/25 = 30 yards per minute. Or, the distance can be multiplied by 3 (feet in a yard) to measure the speed in feet per minute 30 x 3 = 90 feet per minute. As there are 60 seconds in 1 minute then dividing this figure by 60 gives feet per second : 90/60 = 1.5 fps.If the yards per minute result is multiplied by 60 (as there are 60 min in 1 hour) then this gives the speed in yards per hour. 30 x 60 = 1800 yd per hour. BUT speed is often quoted as miles per hour. There are 1760 yd in 1 mile so the yards per hour figure of 1800 needs dividing by 1760 to provide the speed in miles per hour.1800/1760 = 1.023 mph (3dp)

What is the rate of speed if a car is traveling 60 miles in 1 hour?

60 miles per hour. 1 mile per minute 0.01 miles per second 96.56 kilometers per hour 1.6 kilometers per minute 0.02 kilometers per second

How far does a car going 60 miles per hour travel in one minute?

distance = rate x time distance = (60 miles / hour) x (1 hour / (60 minutes)) x (1 minute) distance = 60 miles / hour x hour / (60 minutes) x 1 minute distance = 60 miles / (60 minutes) x 1 minute distance = 60 miles / 60 x 1 distance = 1 mile

How many MPH are you traveling at a rate of 540 feet per minute?

You are traveling at 6.14 miles per hour.

If Traveling at the rate of 540 feet per minute is approximately How Many Miles Per Hour?

Multiply 0.0113636364 by 540

What is the unit rate of 120 miles in 2 hours?

1 mile per minute, 88 feet per second, 60 miles per hour.

How do you write 62 miles per hour as a ratio or rate?

62 miles per hour IS a rate.

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