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40 pecils

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Q: How many 0.12 pencils can you buy with 4.80?
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Pencils are 25 c each how many can you buy for 2.00 dollars?

Eight pencils.

How many packages of pencils will a teacher buy if he needs 25 pencils for the children in his class and each package contains 10 pencils How many extra pencils will he have left over?

There will be: (3*10)-25 = 5 pencils left over

If Ryan bought 3 packages of pencils Each package contains twelve pencils Michael bought twice as many pencils as Ryan bought How many pencils did Michael buy Write a number sentence?


If pencils cost 0.26 each could you buy four pencils with 1.00?

If pencils cost 0.26 each could you buy four pencils with 1.00?

How much does it cost to buy 65 pencils if you go to the convenience store and buy 8 pencils for 1.68?


Where can I buy some mechanical pencils?

There are many places that someone can purchase mechanical pencils. The best place would be the local business supply store, such as Staples. Many other stores, such as Walmart and Target will also sell mechanical pencils.

What can you buy for 1?

some pencils

If 4 pencils cost 10 cents how many pencils can be bought for 50 cents?

4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each.So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils

What do you do if you keep running out of pencils?

If you buy so many pencils and keep them in a safe spot just take one a day if you stil have it put it back then repeat again and again until you run out the start again with some more pencils

Were do you buy purple pencils?

Purple pencils can be purchased in many places. A majority of super stores,such as Target, and dollar stores carry purple pencils. It is also possible to purchase them online fom sites like Amazon and Oriental Trading.

Where do you normally buy pencils?

walmart, target,...

Where do you buy mood pencils?

Amazon sexy.