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4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each.
So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils

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4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each.

So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils.

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10 × 5 = 50 so it is obvious that you must multiply 4 with 5, because 10 is multiplied by 5, your answer will be

20 pencils, can be bought with 50 cents

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Q: If 4 pencils cost 10 cents how many pencils can be bought for 50 cents?
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If Ryan bought 3 packages of pencils Each package contains twelve pencils Michael bought twice as many pencils as Ryan bought How many pencils did Michael buy Write a number sentence?


How many pencils can be sold for 2.95 if they are sold at 6 for 59 cents?

30 pencils.

How do you answer Ray bought 15 pencils for 7.75 Some cost 45 each the rest 65 each How many of each did Ray buy. Answer step by step please?

x= # of pencils that cost .45 y= # of pencils that cost .65 So now you need 2 equations for 2 variables: 15= x+y This equation is saying: 15 total pencils bought= pencils that cost .45 + pencils that cost .65 The second equation is: 7.75= .45x + .65y This equation is saying: total money spent (7.75)= price of pencils (.45) times # of pencils + price of pencils (.65) times # of pencils Then you combine these two equations, but first switch around the first equation to look like: y=15-x Then you replace the "y" in the second equation by putting in what y equals the first equation: 7.75= .45x + .65(15-x) Then distribute and solve for x: x = 10 Then enter 10 into the first equation for x to figure out y: y= 15- 10 y= 5 So your answer is-- Ray bought 10 pencils that cost .45 and 5 pencils that cost .65

Dixon bought a pack of pencils and then gave 12 away he now has 24 left how many pencils were in the pack of pencils that dixon bought?

36 (that is the 12 given away + the 24 left)

What if your teacher bought pens for your class the pens all cost the same price she bought as many pens as the cost in cents of each pen she spent a total of 56.25 how many pens did she buy?


If 12 pencils cost 3.00. How many can you get wit 4.50?

Eighteen pencils !

How many ounces of coffee can be bought for 1.11 of 2 pounds cost 5.92?

6 Ounces. If 2 lbs cost 5.92 then the cost is 18.5 cents per ounce. Divide 111 cents by 18.5 and the answer is 6 Ounces. That is assuming USD.

If 12 pencils cost 1.44 how many would 4 pencils cost?

I'll represent the cost of a pencil by the variable p.12p=1.44p=1.44/12p=0.12So 4 pencils would cost:4p=0.12*44p=0.48

How many 0.21 pencils can be purchased with 7.00?

33 pencils would cost 6.93, so that is the most you could get.

Suppose that 13 inches of wire costs 39 cents. At the same rate how many inches of wire can be bought for 24 cents?

Each inch of wire cost 3 cents and so 24/3 = 8 inches of wire

If you bought 3 gross of the pencils how many would you have?

A gross is one dozen dozens, or 144 of something. Multiply 144 times 3.

If Shane bought 72 pencils on sale for 3 dollars he shared them equally among himself and his 5 brothers how many pencils will each boy get?