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Assuming you mean 12 by 12 inch (or 1 by 1 foot) tiles, and a 6 by 6 foot room, and also assuming you just want to cover the floor and none of the walls, then the answer is 36, which is the area of the floor in square feet.

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Q: How many 12 by 12 tiles for a 6 by 6 room?
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If a room is 6 feet by 9 feet how many 6 inch by 6 inch tiles would fit in the room?

12 tiles by 18 tiles or 216 tiles total

How many 12 inch tiles will you need for a 10 x 6 room?

Is the room 10 by 6 inches? If so you need 5 12 inch tiles. If it is 10 by 6 feet then the answer is 60.

How many 12x12 tiles do you need for a room 36 by 15 feet?

6 tiles that are 12 ft x 12 ft should be enough.

How many 12 x 12 tiles do you need for a 5' x 6' room?

Area of room = 5' * 6' = 30 square feet. Assuming the tiles are 12 * 12 square inches (not sq cm) then the area of each tile is 1 square foot and so 30 tiles are needed.

How many 20 inch tiles is 100 sq ft?

36 tiles. First you have to convert 20 inches to feet. There are 12 inches in a foot so 20/12 means you have one and two-thirds length tiles. Then, you have to figure out the lenght of the sides of the room which is the square root of 100 sq ft. which is 10 feet long. Now, you have to figure out how many tiles it will take to do one length of the room by 10/one and two-thirds which is 6 tiles. Finally you have to multiply the length times the width to get how many tiles it takes to fill the room by 6*6=36 tiles

A 6 by 9 room needs how many 6 by 6 tiles?

A 6 x 9 room has 54 Sq. Ft. There are 4 6x6 tiles in a square foot. 4 x 54 = 216 tiles.

How many one-foot-square tiles are needed to cover an 18-foot by 12-foot family room?


How many tiles do you need if the tiles are 1 foot square and the room is 4 feet by 6 feet?

24 of them.

A room measuring 8 feet 6 inches by 12 feet. How many 6 inch by 6 inch tiles need to cover floor?

8 ft 6 in X 12 ft = 102 sq ft 102 sq ft X 4 tiles/sq ft = 408 tiles Get a few extra in case some crack. You may be glad later that you had a few replacement tiles.

How many 6 x 6 tiles do you need for 80 square foot room?


What way do you lay 600x300mm floor tiles as you enter a room?

You center the floor tiles to the center of the door.Normally a door with is 36 inches. A typical floor tile is 12 inches. Therefore the tiles would be set in the door in this order (6 - 12 - 12 - 6 = 36), adjust for grout widths. The same applies to mm tiles.

How many 18 x 18 inch carpet tiles do you need for a 9 x 12 foot room?

Couple of ways to do perform this task: (1) The area of each tile is 18 x 18 inches = 324 square inches. Calculate the area of the room in Inches: 9 ft (108 in) x 12 ft (144 in) = 15552 square inches. Take the area of the room, divided by the area of each tile: 15552 sq in/ 324 sq in = 48 tiles. (2) Determine how many tiles you need to span the width of the room. 9 feet divided by 18 inches is the same as saying 9 feet divided by 1.5 feet = 6 tiles across Determine how m any tiles you need to span the length of the room. 12 feet divided by 18 inches is the same as saying 12 feet divided by 1.5 feet = 8 tiles across 6 tiles wide x 8 tiles long = 48 tiles.