How many 12 inch square bricks for 30x30 ft area?

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2011-04-16 15:10:29

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It is the same as 12 x 30 * 30 which is 8640.

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2011-04-16 15:10:29
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Q: How many 12 inch square bricks for 30x30 ft area?
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How many bricks would you need if the area of a wall is 200 square feet and one brick is 4 9?

The area of one 4 inch by 9 inch brick is 36 square inches.The area in square inches of 200 square feet of wall is 28800 square inches (200 x 12 x 12).The number of 36 square inch bricks to cover an area of 28800 square inches is 800 (28800/36).

How many eight inch brick to make a square yard?

How many 8 inch bricks are in a square yard?becauase there are stupid peple...How many 8 inch bricks are in a square yard?

How many 16 inch bricks needed for a 256 square foot patio?

The question, as stated cannot be answered. You need to know two dimensions of the bricks to find the area of each brick, convert that area into square feet (if necessary) and then divide 256 by the area of each brick. Bricks are not usually square so it would not be appropriate for me to assume that the bricks are 16" by 16".

How many 12x12 inch bricks for 264 sq ft area?

Area of each brick = 12 inch * 12 inch = 1 ft * 1 ft = 1 square foot. Area to be covered = 264 square feet. So minimum number of bricks required = 264. However, that assumes that the area is "well behaved" and that all offcuts are used up.

How many bricks in a square inch?

121.5 Sq In

If yard is 288 square feet how many 17 inch square bricks needed?

Well, 288 square feet contains 41,472 square inches. So, dividing that by 17 gives you about 2,440 17-inch bricks.

What is the area of a three inch square?

The area of a 3-inch square is: 9 square inches.

What is the area of a 1 inch square?

1 square inch

How many 4x8 inch bricks will you need for 256 square feet?


If square has 28 inch perimeter what is area?

If square has a 28-inch perimeter its area is: 49 square inches.

How much does a square inch equal?

An area of 1 square inch!

How do you convert a square inch into an inch?

You can't. Square inch is a measure of area and inch is a measure of length.

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