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Area of each brick = 12 inch * 12 inch = 1 ft * 1 ft = 1 square foot.

Area to be covered = 264 square feet.

So minimum number of bricks required = 264.

However, that assumes that the area is "well behaved" and that all offcuts are used up.

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Q: How many 12x12 inch bricks for 264 sq ft area?
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How many bricks would you need if the area of a patio is 190 square feet and one brick is 12x12?

Gee, a square foot is 12x12, difficult problem.

How many 12x12 bricks for 9'x9' patio?


How many 12x12 inch brick would you need to lay a 308 square foot patio?

Each brick has an area of 1ft x 1ft ie 1 sq foot. So you would need 308 bricks.

How many bricks would you need if the area of a patio is 380 square feet and one brick is 12x12?

Technically, 2.6388888888888 etc. but 3. I'm assuming the brick is 12x12 feet here as that is the only unit you have mentioned...

How many 12x12 inch bricks would you need to build a 20x20 patio?

A 12 x 12 inch brick is 1 square foot. A 20 x 20 (foot) patio is 400 square feet, so you would need 400 bricks.. this assumes you are butting the bricks fairly tight, not leaving large seperations between them, etc...

How many 12X12 tiles do you need to do a 10X11?

The tile is bigger than the area that you want to cover (12x12 > 10x11) so one tile will do. <><><><><> However, if you meant 12x12 INCH tiles, and a 10x11 FOOT room, you would need 110 tiles.

How many 12x12 inch bricks would you need to lay for a 396 foot patio?

A 12" x 12" brick covers an area of one square foot. Assuming your patio is 396 square feet, then you would need 396 bricks. However, you will almost certainly have to cut some bricks to fit them into whatever shape your approximately 20' x 20' patio will be, so you should figure on needing a few more. The rule of thumb is to order what you need plus 10% extra, but make sure you can return the unused bricks. Area covered by 12x12 inch brick is 144 square inches. That is 1 square foot. Total area of the patio is 396 square foot. Number of bricks required = 396/1 = 396 bricks. Source: That gives you the extra ten percent you'll need to compensate for cutting, breakage, etc.

How many 12x12 bricks for a 19ft x 4ft patio?

Assuming the 12x12 bricks are 12 feet on each side, those are 144 square feet. The patio itself is 76 square feet. Unless you made a typo, not even one of those bricks is going to fit on the patio; you end up with about 0.5278 bricks.

If you have an area of 1344 square feet to fill up how many 12X12 inch tiles do you need?

1344. Each tile is a square foot.

How many 12x12-inch square tiles will it take to cover 750 square feet?

Since each 12x12-inch tile is one square foot, you will need 750 of them.

How many 12 x 12 bricks for an 18 x 24 foot patio?

432 x 12 inch x 12 inch bricks for an area 18 feet x 24 feet

How many 12x12 inch tiles will cover 80 sq feet?

80 if the tiles are 12x12 - 12x12 is one square foot covering 80 you would need 80 tiles