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Q: How many 15s are in 450 Solve with counting and show your work?
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How do you solve math fraction?

Show your work.

How do you solve show work -26d-364?


How do you show the work to solve the square root of 144?

√144 = √122 = 12

How do you show work for 2divided by 30?


How do you show work for10 percent of 130?

Before you can show your work on a problem, you have to know how to solve it."10 percent" means "0.1", and "of" means "times".0.1 x 130 = 13

How do you show work for 123 times 56?

To show work for 123 times 56, first write 123x6 to solve for the units place; this gives you 738. Then write 123x50 to solve for the tens place. This gives you 6,150. Then add 738 to 6,150, giving you a total of 6,888.

How do you solve this inequality x3 6x2-x-30 Show work for x?

x3 6x2-x-30

How does Ethiopian Pebble Counting work?

Ethiopian pebble counting is much like using multiplication.

How do you solve 88 percent of 175 please. show all the work?

Since most teachers require showing your work, I assume you're looking for an easy answer. I will only show you some of the steps to solve this. 1) Convert your percentage to a decimal. 2) Multiply the decimal to the amount. 3) Rewrite your answer using the format. "N" is 88% of 175.

How the energy merter work?

The way an energy meter works is by counting the amount of electricity that passes from the meter and into the house. This is done by way of a special dial that spins and also rotates numbered indicators on the meter to show how many kilowatts have passed through.

What do you need for math extended response?

you need what are you asked in the problem, what you did and why and what is your answer. also show all your work, explain in words how you got your answer and why you did the steps you did to solve the problem

Where is the setting in prodigal son?

The setting of the TV show "Prodigal Son" is New York City. The show follows a criminal psychologist and his father, a notorious serial killer, as they work together to solve crimes.